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Have you heard about Social Engineering?

Well, it is a trick or what we call curiosity of a friend over other friends.
You might be wondering "What is social engineering?".

Social engineering is that cunning or I too care manipulation by one over the other on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...

Social engineering is an activity of unauthorized crackers/hackers into exploiting human kindness, greed and curiosity to gain confidential information about their login details.

How does social engineering activity happens?

On Facebook, we used to accept friend requests from public - people you hardly know in real life. In the process to knowing each other better, some personal information are exchanged.
Here, you may talk about your nicknames, best friends, your dos and don't, sometimes birthday and probably your mobile number. These information are most wanted by social engineers.

It is now left for him/her to work on cracking your passwords through password cracking techniques. You are probably not safe!

How do I avoid being tricked through social engineering?

Stay restricted to public details sharing. Your mobile number, nickname + birth year, likes and dislikes may be your password.

facebook friendship

Facebook is like a coined virtual local community - Friends respond to each other through posts and comments which sometimes bring misunderstanding and other things like that. The other part tells how people respond to your emotions via posts, comments and likes. That is Facebook friendship.

Most people on Facebook take every activities like birthday wishes, events, own page like, posts on friend's timeline and closeness through Messenger somehow personal. Some do what they call "blow your wall", "LMS" to other Facebook friends that show the same to them. That's a typical community

Facebook Friendship was available since earlier 2010 before it went missing but now available. During those time, I would use Facebook Friendship to check all my friendship engagements with my Facebook friends. The first thing I would consider was "how often does s/he posts on my timeline during my birthday". I could track number of posts, tags and sometimes likes on both parties (Friends and myself).

facebook friendship
Seeing my engagement with a FB friend /ChuksGuide

Facebook Friendship

Today, you too can check your social engagement with your friends using Facebook friendship feature. You can know how both parties respond to each other especially on birthdays. The above image were my birthday wish engagements with selected friends. You could see how far we have engaged.

  • Facebook friendship involves
  • Friendship age
  • Number of mutual friends
  • Friend-to-friend timeline posts
  • Tags
  • Comments and Likes

How to see Facebook Friendship

Facebook Friendship

You can see your Facebook friendship from PC and Facebook for Android. Just visit your friend's timeline (Profile). For Android users, tap on the 3 vertical dotted lines; for PC users, tap on the 3 horizontal dotted lines after "Message". Then select "See Friendship".

You should be able to see your engagement with your friends.

Seeing Facebook friendship can be a way of knowing who actually follows or tracking ones earlier engagement with another. It is a good idea if you ask me.

Android charger plugged socket

If you could remember, in electricity, power is energy consumed over time. There have been so many argument about what risks would it take an Android charger or generally chargers connected to the electric socket without really being connected to phones.

Apparently, without your phone connected to an electric socket or outlet, no work is being done right? But, there is a negligible work done when your charger is only connected to electrical socket.

There is a little work in keeping your charger (some electrical components like transformer, diodes, etc) awake ready for your device to be plugged in. Sometimes, they are indicated by LED light in some chargers showing that they are on.

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Why my battery drops while charging

So, why you may not leave your Android charger plugged in without your phone being connected

  • Metered Electricity

    For people that use metered electricity, leaving your Android charger connected to an electric socket wastes some watts. Although, these are not very noticeable but it happens. As long as you charger is plugged in, the electric current activates those working electrical components in your charger.

    In some chargers, there are led indicators that show when the charger is correctly plugged in. So, in other to maintain both the led and some components in your charger, insignificant amount of energy is used.
  • Electrical madness

    Electricity can be quite a bitch. You cannot really know good the connections can be. I used to experience some weird electrical magic in my apartment. I always feel electrical shock whenever i feel my chargers. Sometimes, the bulb sparks even when the switch is turned off.

    We may not know what may happen to a charger whose main purpose of design is to have something connected to it.
  • Reduces charger's life span
    This is most common of it all. Just like i explained earlier that our chargers draws some unnoticeable amount of energy when not connected to a phone. With this, it may reduce its life.

    Have you ever thought whenever your charging completes, it pops up something like "Charging completed/battery full, please unplug charger from  socket"? It is a very good indication that leaving charger plugged when not in use is a bad practice. It is an official caution from phone manufacturers.

In summary, if you are really concerned with safer living with electricity, the cost of purchasing another quality charger and some manageability in electrical bill which is somewhat not obvious, then it is not good to leave your charger plugged and unused.

You would want to reset your Tecno W4 either because it started to hang, slower in processing as a result of its low RAM size of 1GB, reset unlock code/pattern or you just want to clean space for app installations.

If you have been searching for a way to reset your Tecno W4 to its factory settings, then this guide is for you. To reset Tecno W4 is very simple unlike resetting Tecno Camon C8 or other Camon variants. Just take one step at a time.

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How to hard reset Tecno W4

hard reset Tecno W4
Tecno W4 Recovery Mode / ChuksGuide
NOTE: Make sure you battery is charged at least 50% before continuing the steps. Both the volume button and  power buttons are situated at the same position, you have to be careful.


  1. Turn off your Tecno W4 (Power off).
  2. Hold and press the Volume up button then Power button at the same time.
  3. Release your hands when the screen displays Tecno logo
  4. Use the volume up and down button to select navigate around the recovery options,.
  5. Select "Wipe data /factory reset"
  6. Press the power button to choose it
  7. Scroll to choose YES
  8. Now press Reboot System.
Wait till your phone boots, it may take it anyway. Your Tecno W4 should be reset to its factory settings. You can optionally wipe cache partition.

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grant permission access to read SD card
SD card (permission needed) / ©ChuksGuide

Google added a restriction limit on how apps interact with external storage from Android lollipop. If you have upgraded your Android version to 5 or later on Samsung, you should have encountered "failed to copy" or "permission needed" when copying files onto SD card.

I write this post to explain to you how I bypassed permission needed on my Samsung S4 running Android 5. My apps and game data were not able to be saved on my SD card, Downloaded files cannot be moved to SD card and so many related issues.

In order to grant  permission access to read SD card to your device, it will require us to edit Android system file called "platform.xml". This file contains permission access handlers (_rw, _r, _w) and other Android permissions. It is always required to make a backup of platform.xml before editing. We are going to edit two permissions;

  1. <permission name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" ></permission>
  2. <permission name="android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE" ></permission>

Don't be scared! It is very simple.

In this post, we will require the following ;

Note: Before continuing, make sure that you have met the listed requirements above

Warning message : ChuksGuide would not be held responsible when things go wrong. You are on your full responsibility. Be careful when dealing with root directories and files.

How to grant permission access to read SD card in Lollipop / Android

grant permission access to read SD card in Lollipop
Editing platform.xml / ©ChuksGuide

  1. Open your Root File Manager (ES Explorer, Root Explorer, Solid Explorer,...). If you have downloaded Es Explorer, you have to enable root access through the menu.
  2. Tap on "Root" to access root directory. 
  3. Navigate to /system/etc/permissions/
  4. Locate platform.xml, then tap on it to open
  5. Make a back of "platform.xml by copying it to a safer space in your internal memory
  6. Choose any of your downloaded text editor (DroidEdit, Textedit,...) to open it.
  7. Depending on your device configurations, I would want you to update the two permissions as seen below. Locate them and update them.

    <permission name="android.permission. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE">
    <group gid=" sdcard_r ">
    <group gid=" sdcard_rw">
    <group gid=" media_rw">

    <permission name="android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE">
    <group gid="sdcard_rw">
    <group gid="media_rw">
  8. Save. If it fails to save, then save as to another location in your internal memory. Then move it to permissions folder as platform.xml. It should replace the existing one.
  9. Restart your device.
 grant permission access to read SD card in Lollipop
After granting access to SDcard   / ©ChuksGuide

Just follow the steps one after the other. It is quite easy. This guide does not only work in Samsung phones, it works on most phones. Give it a try today.

Android games

In this post, I have compiled 5 free educational android games to help sharpen your mind. These apps very light and can be played on any Android devices no matter if it was packaged in Alaba market. They are free and really educational.

Free Android Educational games for your mind

This list is for educational and casual games to be played during your leisure. No action or sports included.

#1  VOVU

Android games -  Vovu

Vovu has really been an amazing educational game for the cool thinkers. We featured it on our featured apps which can be found at the sidebar.

Playing Vovu is great adding to its beautiful background music with sounds of nature and relaxing piano. It might look weird but it is very easy to learn. You can as well choose what theme you love to customize view on Vovu.

To play Vovu, you only need to mind to applying simple strategies to solve it. It only requires you to separate the small green circle from the white half scrapped circle (semi circle) by rotating the green circle. 

it is not complicated, it is simple. During the earlier stages, you will be provided with some tips which disappear as you progress.

Download Vovu

#2  Millionaire Nigeria

Millionaire Nigeria

Ultima Limited in partnership with Sony Pictures Television and MTN Nigeria presents the official mobile app for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Nigeria.

I assume you are accustomed with the earlier Who wants to be a millionaire. This game has all the feature you did found in former. Your virtual money is no longer in Dollars but now Nairas.

It is free unless you want to buy additional question packs.

Download Millionaire Nigeria

#3 Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Everybody like Candy crush but not that of Facebook 😆. We have played multiple Candy crush editions - Yoga, Soda Saga.

Here, there's a new player in town, the wiggling, jiggling Jelly Queen and she's here to challenge you to a game of Candy Crush Jelly Saga! Whatever your favorite moves, you better hope they're Jellylicious enough to take on the mighty Jelly Queen.


 Try Candy Crush Jelly Saga

#4  Word Search

Word Search android game

This word search game is cool. It has multiple stages and free. There are tons of word search casual games but you can follow the link below to download exactly this very copy.

Get Word Search

#5 Block Puzzle Jewel

Android phones Black Friday Deals

Jumia has offered some black Friday deals since November 14th at a 20% discounted prizes. This special offer terminates on November 25th.

I have taken some time to make a good list of some hot Android phones you could get at a lower cost before black Friday ends tomorrow. These Android phones are cheap but offer great performances.

Another additional incentive is that; when you buy any device with MTN label, you will get MTN 100% bonus on data for 6 months with N1,000 monthly data plan.

Hot Android phones Black Friday Deals Below N40,000 2016

#1  Tecno Camon C7

Android phones Black Friday Deals

Camon C7 is the second successor of Camon C9. This device bags a 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, 1.3GHZ Quad core processing power, HiOS UI running Android 6, SD card slot up to 128GB, eyeball identifying technology to unlock C7. It has a 13MP both front and back camera with  flash light and a battery capacity of 2500mAh.

These are just some premium specifications which you could get only black Friday. You can get Camon C7 at ₦ 38,150.

Buy Tecno C7 | Jumia Black Friday

#2  Infinix Hot 3 LTE

Infinix hot 3 LTE

This is another powerful pack from Infinix. Hot 3 is a 5.5" smartphone and it boasts of 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, Octa-Core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon running Android 5.1, 13MP rear and 5MP front camera, 3000mAh battery.

It almost compete with Camon C7. Infinix Hot 3 will cost you only ₦39,900 for the mean time before it rises up to its normal price next week.

Buy Infinix Hot 3 | Jumia

#3  Tecno W5 Lite

tecno w5 lite black friday

This is another smash from Tecno. It possess exactly similar features with Infinix Hot 3 except the RAM size. 5.5", 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM , expandable up to 64GB with microSD, Cortex A53 1.3GHz Quad Core Processor, Android Marshmallow 6.0, 13MP Back Camera with LED flash, 5MP Front Camera, 3000mAh battery capacity.

With ₦ 37,560, W5 Lite could be yours this weekend.

Buy Tecno W5 Lite | Jumia

#4  Innjoo Halo X

Innjoo halo x black friday offer 2016

This is Innjoo Halo X. Our first Innjoo make on the list. It offers a 5.5" HD IPS, Quad Core; 1.3GHz running Android 6 under 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. It is expandable to 128GB (microSD). Also boast 8MP and 2MP rear and front camera. It is powered under huge 3000mAh capacity.

It costs ₦ 35,500 to grab Halo X.

Buy Innjoo Halo X | Jumia

#5  Infinix Hot 4 Lite

infinix hot 4 lite jumia black friday 2016

Here is the hot 4 specifications;

Screen: 5.5" HD Display
Memory: 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM, micro SD up to 32GB
Operating System: Android XOS (Based on MashMallow Android 6)
Camera: 8MP Back, 5 MPFront
Battery: 4,000mAh

Price : ₦ 35,500

You can as well check full list Jumia black friday offers 2016.

enable WhatsApp Two-step verification
WhatsApp Two-step verification ©ChuksGuide

In WhatsApp recent update, it has pushed in Two-step verification process to enable users take maximum control over their accounts.

What is WhatsApp Two-step verification? 

According to TechTarget's blog, Two-step verification is a process that involves two authentication methods performed one after the other to verify that someone or something requesting access is who or what they are declared to be.

When you relate this with WhatsApp, it simply means that WhatsApp will require two steps of registering your phone number on WhatsApp usually by setting up a passcode (PIN). This feature can be found when registering an email account - You will be asked for your phone number in other to authenticate your visibility as a person.

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WhatsApp two-step verification setup involves a three steps process. It will ask you for a six character passcode (six digit pin), verify passcode and a recovery email address which will be used to reset your passcode should you forget it.

NOTE: Make sure that your data connection is turned on

How to enable WhatsApp Two-step verification

enable WhatsApp Two-step verification
Tap ENABLE to begin Two-step verification ©ChuksGuide

  1. Update your WhatsApp to its latest version from Play store
  2. Open WhatsApp
  3. Then Settings > Account > Two-step verification
  4. Tap "Enable" button
  5. Enter any memorable six digit passcode and re-enter to verify
  6. Enter your email address and re-enter to verify
  7. Wait till you see "Two-step verification is enabled".
Two-step verification is now enabled ©ChuksGuide

Any time you login back to WhatsApp, your passcode will be required before proceeding forth. This adds some certain security layers to your account even if your phone with SIM card is stolen.

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WhatsCall new features

New to WhatsCall? If you are looking for a free call client for mobile telephony, then WhatsCall is there for you. WhatsCall allows its users to make call at completely no charge rates. No charge in the sense that it requires no cost to buy credits. It only costs internet connection.

You only need to download WhatsCall, register your mobile number and off you go. One major feature of WhatsCall is that it allows every outgoing calls regardless of the receiver's phone. It only requires data from the caller to initiate the call.

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Over the months, WhatsCall has been trying to balance users experience through feedback. Their latest update comes with extra cool features.

Some of the WhatsCall features are;

  • Credit free WhatsCall to WhatsCall
  • Instant Messenger to WhatsCall friends with emoji supports
  • Huge Treasure Chest
  • Call credit support or Welfare Fund
WhatsCall new features

Unlike its earlier updates, you have to start rolling over WhatsCall credit spinner. Now, it has opened a timer known as Treasure chest. When you tap on treasure chest, it will pop out time for  ad timer.
Welfare fund allows its users to donate support refugees from Syria with your extra call credits, so they can call and check the safety of their families.

Download WhatsCall

make WhatsApp Video Call

Have you tried the new Video call on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has launched its video calling feature for Android and other mobile brands. Unlike WhatsApp voice call which had invite through a friend before you can be activated for voice call, WhatsApp has scrapped it off to no invite. To make video calls on WhatsApp, simply get an updated copy from your devcie store (Play store for Android).

After the launch of WhatsApp video call, there has been series of WhatsApp video call invite over WhatsApp. It made it a must for users to install a WhatsApp 4G VIP that will allow them to enjoy extra features on WhatsApp by following some particular link depending from the source.

make WhatsApp Video Call

WhatsApp Video Call

This idea of invite to make video call was initiated from WhatsApp earlier voice call but they never asked for you to download and install any app before you can make calls.

WhatsApp would not ask you to download or invite a friend before one could make a video call

This link is quite malicious. It could be a phished link referring you to some awaiting malicious attacks. If you have some security plugins on yourr browser, it would detect some malicious activities on the link. When you clicked to install using some unsecured browsers, your details will probably be taken.

To try this video calling feature, simply update your WhatsApp through Play store. No need to be invited.

To make call, tap on the normal WhatsApp call icon to choose Video Call.

3G is recommended for smooth  video rendering. EDGE or 2G might be slow or hanging. This video call does not work with WhatsApp bundle or Opera mini bundle plans.

Opt in for monthly plans or avaiable open Wi-Fi.

Other cool features on WhatsApp

android music studio

Android is at it again with more engaging activities like having a complete music studio. probably, we might have come about music converter app for Android (eg. Mp3 media converter), song editor and scrapper (eg. Ringtone maker), DJ apps like (DJ5 or Edjing), Karaoke midi stripper and many other Android entertainment apps.

But today, I have gotten few and reliable Android apps that can turn your phone into a more engaging and complete music studio. This is not a hype where you get promised for something to happen. It is 100% reliable. These apps are free except when you opt for a more features and add-on.

These apps turn your device into a pro Android mobile music studio

  • Sing Sharp
  • Caustic
  • Music Maker Jam

What you may expect from these apps

 Sing Sharp

android music studio - sing sharp
Sing Sharp ©ChuksGuide

 Just like a conventional music studio; you train your voice, study your vocal range, sing songs and among other stuff like that. Sing Sharp also lets you do the same and more. This app is free and ads support unless you would opt to remove ads through pro licence.

 The major features here are;

  Vocal Range

vocal range - sing sharp
My vocal range at 250GHZ ©ChuksGuide

  Here, it tracks and records your voice pitch in relevance to the key it fails. It can go up or down depending on your vocal depth. If you really know about music and notations, you are good to go. You can as well save your vocal stats to see your improvements. Your vocal range determines what keys will be given to you during "Warm up" and "Sing song".

  Warm Up

warm up - sing sharp
Warm up practice ©ChuksGuide

  This is for rehearsal. You are given a key to sing along in bits. You must have checked your vocal range before proceeding on this step. It comes with lyrics which are basically sound notes and not normal words. You will be accessed after each warm up practice.

  You can also pause or restart during practice. You can as well play what you just recorded after your practice. If you score "0", that shows you really need improvement.

  Sing Songs

  Now you are ready to create a song either from preloaded tones or from your saved beats in your local storage. You can start to create a song from your beat directly with Sing sharp.

Other features include

  •   Training Program
  •   Progress Report 
  •   Shop


android music studio - caustic
Caustic beat sync ©ChuksGuide

Caustic is a beat maker app just like FL Studio. If you are not too conversant with beat making, just download free beats and tweak it with Sing Sharp. Caustic is free for demo uses.

Music Maker Jam (MMJ)

android music studio - music maker jam
Music Maker Jam ©ChuksGuide

This is the master when it comes to organisation. It creates beats using some simple instruments. It doesn't only creates beats, it also allows you to create songs, share songs to its community and more.

Music Maker Jam is free but requires registration either your email or Facebook in other to join its community. It does not necessarily require you to be connected during music making except you want to buy extra cheap music styles or engage in community.

It can be technical working with this app. It has four music tools by the left when you open "Make music". These tools are very simple to acquaint with. I advice you follow the tutorial to walk you through. You can add multiple working area since by default, Music maker Jam allows only 8 styles on a pane. You are given two free options to choose either "House Choir", "Rock Radio", "HIP HOP" depending on your genre.

android music studio - music maker jam
Tuning Key shapening ©ChuksGuide

Remember to save and record your project. Recording during your project makes it easier to export it as a beat. Among the tools, the last one allows you to record your voice on any of the 8 beat styles. Just tap on the microphone icon with your headset connected. You are just given 15 seconds on each.

To complete your complete Android music studio, it is recommended that you create your song beat, then export it as a separate file to be used with Sing Sharp. Since Sing sharp helps monitor your vocal balance and correspondence with the track. You can learn more working with Sing Sharp and most especially Music Maker Jam. Caustic can be optional. Although, recording with MMJ is awesome.

Download Links:

Sing Sharp  
Music Maker Jam

I hope you enjoy another dimension with your droid.

Translate words use dictionary play games and take quiz WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp has upgraded from just a conventional instant messenger(IM) to a more responsive IM. It is not just sending some static short messages, images or videos as chat over to friends but also in enriched format like that of text formatting(bold, italics, strike-through), read more for long chats, group mentions, stickers and GIF supports.

This feature is also a part of Duta services, the WhatsApp Wiki and football updates guys. If you had followed my very earlier posts, I have written about WhatsApp Wiki instant service, Receive Football live updates, fixtures, news on WhatsApp and among others.

Today, I have added some other newest updates from Duta. These features add more fun to WhatsApp. You do not need to feel bored again. They include;


  • Football +919043011861
  • NBA +919043011343
  • WWE  +919043011760
  • Tennis  +919043012704
  • FormulaOne  +919043012583
  • Cricket  +919043011759


  • World  +919043012235
  • Tech  +919043012168
  • US Election   +919043011856


  • Hollywood  +919043012190
  • Jokes  +919043011848
  • Deals  +919043012719
  • Fashion  +919043012648
  • Advice  +919043012240
  • Daily quotes   +919043011758


  • Jumble 
  • Footyquiz
  • Hollyquiz
  • Vocab
  • Hangman
  • Cricquiz

Others services include

  • Bible quotes  +919043011840
  • Quoran  +919043012615
  • Search  +919043012739
  • Translate  +919043012739
  • Weather
  • Time
  • Dictionary

Now, these services require no special treatment from you. What you need to do is add some of these number as contact, create a WhatsApp group and add them into it. Once you have added them, you will start to receive updates.

From Sports, News and Entertainment;

To receive updates, after adding any of the sports, news or entertainment contact (+919043012235) into your group, just type

+news (for world news)
+tech (for tech news)
+fashions and others


Translate words use dictionary play games and take quiz WhatsApp

Add +914043012739 to your group, then type either Jumble, Footyquiz, Hollyquiz, Vocab, Hangman or Cricquiz to start playing quiz or games. Quiz or games give you 30 seconds to answer a question of at least 5.


This is a game that lets you arrange some words out of it. It is not really easy. You have to crack your medulla oblangata.


This is a football quiz for the soccer nerds. The questions are somewhat tough because it is like a football history.


It is a Hollywood quiz for Hollywood movies fans.


If you think you have what it takes to be an English guru, then this game is for you.


Translate words use dictionary play games and take quiz WhatsApp

Hangman? Save someone from committing suicide.


This is for cricket quiz.

To translate, Search, check weather, find Dictionary meanings, then

Add +919043012739 into your group.

To search (chuks), simply type search chuks
Check Weather, type weather abuja
Check time, type time France
Dictionary meaning, type dict hilarious
Translate, (this format : translate language word ), type translate Igbo wonderful.

You can check other features by typing +info. After playing games or taking quiz, you can check your scores by typing scores.

Remember; all these services are powered by Duta. It has no affiliation with WhatsApp.

Picture Password Screen Lock Android
Picture Number Password for Android ©ChuksGuide

If you are familiar with Blackberry 10 picture password lock, then it is now here on Android. BB10 users were like the only nerds that know how to unlock their devices with some kind of tricks on static pictures unlike our conventional Android password, PIN and pattern lock.

There may be number of picture password screen locks on Play store but Fstyle Co has designed a better performance screen lock called Picture password. This screen lock is smooth and does what it says. It is free but contains ads. You can at least maneuver over the ads through our earlier post. I hope ads won't be a limitation.

Picture password app allows you to set up a unique key code (number) ranging from 0-9 which you will use to drop on any chosen point on your selected picture. Initially, during set up, you would be asked to set a secondary password in case you forget your chosen spot.

Other functionalities involve multiple pictures to choose from, custom picture from device gallery, colors, format display,time waiting screen, fonts. I have used picture password on my droid and it has been fantastic. In other to use this screen lock, it is recommended that you disable your normal phone screen lock to slide or none. This is to avoid double screen locking. It is not really cool rather stressful.

How to set picture password on Android

Picture Password Screen Lock Android
Pulling your unique number (0) into your favorite picture spot ©ChuksGuide

  1. Download and install Picture password free
  2. Open the app and tap "Cancel" to exit dialog box. 
  3. Setting Password, tap OK to set up a secondary password in case you forget your spot on selected picture
  4. Then tap "Next" to pick a picture
  5. Select photo from available list. You can as well tap "From Gallery" to choose from device Gallery.
  6. From the numbers, choose your unique number from 0 - 9
  7. Now, pull your number (enclosed in a circle) to any desired part of the picture you selected. When you have dropped it on that very spot, tap "Next". Now tap OK then Next.
  8. Repeat the previous step to confirm. You will receive a "Setting Password Success!!" Then OK to exit

Picture Password Screen Lock Android
Setting Picture Password success ©ChuksGuide

You can set screen time out fro 0 second to 5 minutes from the lock screen setting. You can also set "Setting Layout Widget". This customizes your picture password lock screen with time stamp, text color, background picture.

Picture Password Screen Lock Android
Setting Layout Widget ©ChuksGuide

How to unlock your Android with picture password

  • Drag the number you chose into part of picture you choose to confirm
  • If you drag it into incorrect spot up to 10 times, you would need to enter password to unlock.

If you want to upgrade to a pro version like a boss 😎, it will only cost you N350 bucks. Click here to buy

 send animated GIF images WhatsApp
Playing GIF image on WhatsApp  ©ChuksGuide

Following WhatsApp's earlier update to its messenger, smiley/stickers on images, comes a very recent updates - sending and receiving animated GIF images on WhatsApp chat messages.

Although, this feature is yet to be pushed to every user on Play Store. Currently, it is only available to Beta testers on its version 2.16.354. But be ready to expect it soonest.

If you are currently a Beta tester, you can proceed straight to Play store and download the recent update, 2.16.354. If you are yet a Beta tester, you can sign up for the program here.

Animated GIF images are images usually in a ".gif" format. They are special images because they animate (make some motion). They usually make movement like they slide. You can create a gif image either using VivaVideo (photo slide) or Animator (brushes and pencil) for Android.

 send animated GIF images WhatsApp
Tap GIF to play  ©ChuksGuide

GIF feature in WhatsApp means that you can send, receive or add captions plus emoji on your chat. For your receiver to receive and play gif image on his side, one must have the recent version of WhatsApp. You can play gif directly on active chat by tapping on GIF.

How to send GIF on WhatsApp 

  1. Download the recent version from 2.16.354 or later 
  2. Open WhatsApp Tap on Attachment icon to select Gallery 
  3. Swipe to GIFs to choose from list of your gifs you created or downloaded. 
  4. Done 

 send animated GIF images WhatsApp
Add captions and emoji into your GIF  ©ChuksGuide

 When your friend receives it, he only needs to tap on GIF to play it.

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Mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi Tricks
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In this post, I have shared few mobile hotspot Wi-Fi tricks for Android users. These tricks are cool depending on how you want to wow desperate free Wi-Fi spotters. I have tried them and they are perfect.

Although, some of these Wi-Fi tricks are exclusively for Samsung devices. believe me, they are worth trying.

Mobile hotspot Wi-Fi Tricks on Android

#1 Allow all or specific devices to connect (Samsung devices)

Mobile hotspot Wi-Fi Tricks
Allow Wi-Fi access to all or selected devices ©ChuksGuide

Samsung allows you to define custom network access of your own. You may allow all devices or specified devices to connect to your network. This doesn't matter whether your network is open, hidden or secured. For open mobile hotspot; a user who is not on your allowed device list will connect to your network but his/her signal will be limited i.e no internet access. The same thing happens to other users who have earlier connected to your network with your own security token unless they are added to your allowed device.

When you set it to "Allow all devices", everybody is allowed to connect once other security parameter is met which is security token. This feature can be found on Samsung devices. To enable this feature on your samsung device, follow this: Settings > Connections > More networks > Tethering and Mobile hotspot > Mobile hotspot > Tap network name > Allow Wi-Fi access. You now options to either select "Allow all devices" or "Allowed devices only".

If you select the second option, "Allowed devices only", you have to add your allowed devices manually. To do this, proceed with the initial walkthrough. Let assume that you are already at Mobile hotspot. Tap on the left menu key closer to the home button and choose "Allowed devices". From the allowed devices panel, tap on the plus icon at the right top corner to add new device.

Mobile hotspot Wi-Fi Tricks
Adding allowed device using MAC address ©ChuksGuide

You are required an important unique id for every new device you will add. When you chose to add new device, you have to add any name to it and most importantly a MAC (Media Access Control - determines which devices have access over what media it sent) or physical address. Then tap OK. Any device in the list connects will have a full internet access whenever it connects. To get a MAC address of your beneficiary device, simply go through Settings > About device > Status > Wi-Fi MAC address. It is a 12 character within colons(:).

The need of allowing specific devices without security might be for some in house partnered reasons. Have you wondered why you are connected to an open Wi-Fi network but no internet access? It is for the elite members. Don't worry.

#2 Hide your Wi-Fi network (Samsung devices)

Mobile hotspot Wi-Fi Tricks
Configure Hide my network ©ChuksGuide

This is one of the craziest Wi-Fi trick mostly for Samsung users. Why? You receive available Wi-Fi notification but would not see anything. That is a ghost mode Wi-Fi activity. Hiding your Wi-Fi network means that you want to appear invincible to users while you are right there starring at them.

The intention of whoever sets his/her network as hidden wouldn't want other people like cracker to start spoofing his network. Nobody knows when you are avalaible except he/she has your network SSID i.e your network name. For someone to connect to your Wi-Fi network, he/she must be a very close friend or family. This is why > one connects to your device except that one knows your network name. How will one know you network name? Through access to your phone or you.

To hide Wi-Fi network, Settings > Connections > More networks > Tethering and Mobile hotspot > Mobile hotspot > Tap on the left menu key closer to the home button and choose "Configure" > mark "Hide my device" and Save. One will automatically connect to your hidden network once he has earlier connected to your device. He/she may see available notification as hidden network even when your Wi-Fi network is turned off. It is magical!

#3 Set Maximum number of devices to connect

Mobile hotspot Wi-Fi Tricks
Setting maximum connections ©ChuksGuide

Set maximum number of devices to connect to your device is available on most Android devices. Maximum devices indicate how you want multiple devices to access your Wi-Fi network at the time. When you set the maximum number of devices to connet to your network lets say 3, only the first three other users be it PC, Android, iOS,... will only get access to your network.

When you have reached the maximum device number, other incoming connections will be aborted. One will try to connect but will receive failed connection attempt even when the network is open. Setting maximum number of devices is quite an elite members too.

To set up maximum conections, follow; Settings > Connections > More networks > Tethering and Mobile hotspot > Mobile hotspot > Set up Wi-Fi hotspot

#4 Block Wi-Fi Mac address

Mobile hotspot Wi-Fi Tricks
Tap block to block a device connected to your device ©ChuksGuide

To block Wi-Fi MAC address is just same way as blocking a Facebook friend. "I no longer want your attachment, Get out>>". Blocking a Wi-Fi network requires blocking the beneficiary MAC address or IP. This option seems to be unavailable on Samsung devices. To block a network, Settings > Connections > More networks > Tethering and Mobile hotspot > Mobile hotspot > Tap "Block" button. You can also unblock a device by tapping "Unblock"

#5 Copy device IP and MAC address

Mobile hotspot Wi-Fi Tricks
Your IP and MAC address ©ChuksGuide

If you have not thought why some individuals will leave their Wi-Fi open for you to connect then I may be right to let you know that some of them compromise your device details; IP and MAC address. They can copy them to taking advantage of them.

Your IP may be used by someone else as a proxy in cyber crime. You now stand in danger of being used by unknown persons. Companies, restaurants or hotels can be trusted but individuals is no try.

#6 Advance Proxy Connect

Mobile hotspot Wi-Fi Tricks
Set up Proxy hostname and port ©ChuksGuide

You can as well connect to Wi-Fi network that only allow full internet access over proxy. If we take our way back to Simple server, it allows connection using proxy and port. You can as well take advantage of it by enabling advance option.

To enable proxy connect, follow this -> Settings > Connections > More networks > Tethering and Mobile hotspot > Mobile hotspot >  Set up Wi-Fi hotspot (or Configure in Samsung devices). Tap "Show advanced options". Fill in the proxyhost name and port. Bypass proxy for is optional

#7 Network Time out

Mobile hotspot Wi-Fi Tricks
Timeout settings in Samsung ©ChuksGuide

Network time out determines how long your Wi-Fi network will stay on idle before turning itself automatically. Wi-Fi being idle is when no device is connected to it. Leaving it on may drain battery but some people prefer to leave it Never time-out.

To adjust network time time-out,  Settings > Connections > More networks > Tethering and Mobile hotspot > Mobile hotspot >  Set up Wi-Fi hotspot (or Timeout settings in Samsung devices). Choose your preferred timeout.

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