track Facebook Profile Visitors

Tracking your Facebook profile visitors is possible but requires some simple tricks. Earlier, there was a tool, Facebook app, that handled checking Facebook profile admirers but was later discontinued. But today, you can begin to track number of your Facebook visitors by yourself.

Is this legal? Yes it is. It is a personal affair since you make no changes to Facebook data. This is just for fun! Using this trick, you can only view one profile visitors at a time in a repeated manner. Don't mind my grammar, it is quite easier.

What are required?
It requires no special knowledge. You shouldn't be a tech person to track your Facebook profile visitors.  If you know how to access website's source, edit url on your browser, then you are good to go.

How to track Facebook Profile Visitors

track facebook profile visitors
Lists of  facebook profile IDs

  1. Login to your Facebook Account if you are not logged in using a web browser.
  2. To be sure that you are currently on the home page, click home to open home page. Home page shows you your friend's activities (Posts, photos, videos etc)
  3. If you are logged in with PC, press CTRL + U to open source code in a new window. You can as well right click and choose "View Source Code". It is confusing though seeing millions of codes.
  4. Now, press CTRL + F to open find bar. From the find bar, type "InitialChatFriendsList" to see profile IDs of your Facebook profile visitors. These IDs signify their positions in Facebook's user database. Conventionally, Facebook profile ids starts from 1 to billions of Facebook users. For your friend's case, their IDs should start from multiples of 10000 to billions. Take a look at the InitialChatFriendsList, you should see numbers like 100006101431361-2 . Please, remove the "-2". They are the IDs of your Facebook admirers. 
  5. Now, pick any of these Facebook profile IDs and open a new tab
  6. Type "". It should look this way : and press enter.

Behold, you should be directed to your Facebook profile visitor's page.

That is for him or her. In other to continue on this adventure of tracking your Facebook profile visitors, you have to repeat the step from step 4. Pick up another profile id and continue.

Everything is there for you. You have seen that Mr or Mrs A visits your page more often.

This is working for sure. Do I tell you my very own Facebook profile visitors in a view to show that it works.

 buying Android Smartphone

Now that you have acquired that cute baby, smartphone (Android), i hope you feel so good! If you are yet to buy a new Android smartphone, you should check few things to consider before buying it. Proceed if you already gotten your device with you. You are reading this post because you want to know what next with your new Android smartphone.

What Next? Probably your new Android smartphone should be empty without your favourite customization. Normally, Android new phones are preloaded or pre-installed with manufacturer's apps. For Samsung users, you would see "KNOX, My Wallet, Samsung Apps, S Planner...", For Tecno, "Assistant" while other apps are either sponsored or user's favorite. They are "Facebook, WhatsApp, Hangouts etc."

In this post, I have listed few important what next an ardent Android fan would seek for his/her new smartphone.

#1 Buy Glass Screen Guard for Touchscreen and pouch

 buying Android Smartphone - glass screen guard

Glass screen guard are indeed saviour to our breakable touchscreen. It has reduced the intensity in breaking your device touchscreens. It is not a guarantee that your phone would not get cracked when stepped upon or fall off height. Don't wait till money comes instead go look for attachable screen guard for your phone.

Pouch on the other hand prevent direct shock to the phone. It can save your device case from hitting directly on the ground. Your phone remains newer everyday.

#2 Update Google Play Store and Play Services

 buying Android Smartphone - play services

Technically, this should be your first instance of What Next. New smartphones are shipped with some important Google apps, Play store and Play services. These two core apps can decide the functionalities of other installed third party apps. Although, your Android phone can work without either Play store or Play services. Some apps would require the resourcefulness of Play services. They would not work without Play store being updated to recent version.

Take a glimpse at Microsoft PC. Software that require Microsoft .NET framework won't install unless .NET is installed and updated. The need to update these Google apps especially Play services arises from the differences in manufacturer's releases and shipment. We know that Android developers don't joke with releasing app updates. So if your device has Play services version 8.x.xx but your Gmail app needs version 9.x.xx and above to run smoothly. You update it.

#3 Add Google Account

Adding your Google account doesn't mean to read and send emails. Like I do, I create backup of my contacts to Google contacts - meaning, all my contacts are stored on Google server. I may not know what exactly happen to your former Android device. You may decide to restore all contacts stored on Google, sync mails, load browser's data and saved locations.

If you are yet to store contacts to Google, you should probably check some of my earlier posts - Google contact better than MTN Backup and how to recover contacts in a simple click.

#4 Install or update WhatsApp, Facebook, WhatsCall and Messenger

These four apps are never do with apps. You must use them at least once a day. Without proper introduction on these apps - WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger are among the most commonest yet popular Android app almost every user use on daily basis. Why should you update WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger?

Even Android phones that come with pre-installed WhatsApp also need updates. You would need to update these apps owing to their constant bug fixes and improvements. For continued access to WhatsApp, one must update to its latest version. These apps offer great features like change nicknames on Messenger, WhatsApp text formatting - bold italics and strike-through, playing games on Messenger, Facebook reactions and so many. Without update, one could hardly engage oneself with them.

What about WhatsCall? WhatsCall lets you make calls ,both local and international, free of charge. Installing WhatsApp now give you extra option to save airtime cost. Learn more about WhatsCall

#5 Install Stubborn Trojan Killer

Sounds weird right? Stubborn Trojan Killer has been saving so much life from embarrassment. Stubborn Trojan Killer scans and uninstall suspected trojan infested apps. Have you experienced phone downloading apps and games on itself whenever data is tirned on? That is a typical example of what Stubborn Trojan Killer encounters. Sometimes, phones display annoying photos of girls. These automatic installed apps fail to uninstall.

This app would force these activities to be stopped. It is a must have app for new users.

#6 Install Multimedia apps - Viva Video, Line camera or  AirBrush.

These multimedia apps does not replace your device stock app. They add extra functionalities:

Viva Video (FREE) - Creates videos and edit to add functionalities.
Line Camera - Acts a camera, image editor, collage maker etc.
 AirBrush: is an easy but advanced photo editor.

These few lists are quite important. You should check on them

set nicknames messenger

In addition to the fun of Facebook Instant Messenger, Messenger allows users to set nickname for their chats. These nicknames are not confused with their Facebook names. They are just valid for Messenger chats only. Nobody knows your messenger nickname except your friend.

set nicknames on messengers
Tap Nicknames / ©ChuksGuide

Other fun features one could find on Facebook Messenger are 

  • Playing Football
  • Playing Volleyball
  • Messenger bots
  • Private Chats
  • Changing chat colors
  • Choose default inline emoji for conversation

set nicknames on messengers
setting nicknames / ©ChuksGuide

To set messenger nicknames, you have to update to latest version. I used version to set our messenger nicknames (My friend and I).

Messenger also allows you to set either your nickname, your friend's nickname or both nicknames. You are allowed to set nickname of any of your friends. The nicknames can be anything. It is just for fun. They can as well change it back to their own taste. it is just a thing of personal identity.

Set nicknames on Messenger

set nicknames messenger
Nicknames / ©ChuksGuide

  1. Open Messenger
  2. Open chat with a friend
  3. Tap on the info icon beside video and call icon
  4. Select Nicknames
  5. From Nicknames, tap either option to edit nickname (Your name or friend's) and tap SET
  6. Now go back to your open chat to see the changes.

You can simply change a nickname from concurrent changes. Just tap on the change on your chat wall.
You can also clear your nickname to use default Facebook name by taping "remove".

set messenger nicknames - change nickname
editing nicknames / ©ChuksGuide

Now, you can wow your friends about this Messenger nicknames. It does not work on Messenger lite. Have fun!

hard reset tecno p5+ plus

You can say that again, Tecno P5+ is an older Tecno Android smartphone, but i have gotten some needs to write on how to hard reset Tecno P5+ Plus. I have written earlier on how to hard reset Infinix Hot 3 X554 and Tecno Camon C8 should you need to read about them. In those posts, I mentioned reasons one would hard reset ones smartphone.

Today, I have added extra reasons why you hard reset Tecno P5+ or other Android smartphones

Although, i have written guides on some of these issues above; When apps downloads by itself, phone begin to hang, free internal memory.

How to Hard Reset Tecno P5+ Plus - The simple way

hard reset tecno p5+ plus
Choosing boot mode ©ChuksGuide

Hard resetting Tecno P5+ Plus is not straight forward unlike other earlier Tecno brands. You have to go through some two steps before entering recovery mode just like downloading mode in Samsung phones.

Please, Make sure that your battery is charged at least 40% depending on how your battery discharges. Your installed apps, accounts, primary files, games, phone contacts, messages, call logs and other files stored in your internal memory will be lost after this process. Learn how to backup your contacts, call logs, messages before hard reset.

Steps to Factory resetting Tecno P5+

  1. Shut down your device
  2. Hold and press volume up button together with power button until boot mode appears. PS: Make sure you first hold down the volume up button before the power button to avoid normal booting.
  3. Press the volume up button to select Recovery Mode. Here are the list of boot modes in Tecno P5+

    • [Normal Boot]
    • [Recovery Mode]
    • [Fastboot Mode]

      hard reset tecno p5+ plus
      Dead Android logo ©ChuksGuide

  4. Press the power button to choose the selected boot mode, Recovery mode.
  5. Press the Power button to exit the dead Android logo to Android system recovery mode
  6. Press the volume down button to select Wipe data/factory reset
  7. Press the volume up button to choose the selected "wipe data/factory reset option
  8. From the confirmation options, select and choose "Yes -- delete all user data"
  9. After data have been wiped, press "reboot system now".
hard reset tecno p5+ plus
Choose "Reboot system now" ©ChuksGuide

Your device should be as good as before. If your Wi-Fi or data continue to turn on automatically, then you should consider ROM replacement. This requires the expertise of a mobile phone technician around you.

facebook messenger secret conversation

The year 2016 has been a massive improvement for chat security. From WhatsApp end-to-end encryption, Allo messenger and now Facebook messenger secret conversation. it has become a matter of advocating for user's privacy over instant messengers.

I would say Facebook messenger's secret conversation has a little adoption from the BBM chat retract feature. In BBM, you can specify some time for a particular chat to be withdrawn from the receiver - it disappears. Now, Messenger secret conversation has gotten the feature in a tweaked version.

Facebook Messenger secret conversation is almost the same way like browsing in private or incognito. Your messenger chat bubble, chat header is almost brownish black with indication that you are on secret conversation.

How does Facebook Messenger secret conversation works?

Secret conversation allows friends to encrypt their chats over their current device. Here, you have to setup what device you want to configure for secret conversation. It is not a matter of having encrypted chats on Messenger app and browsers on PC. It works only on messenger app.

Facebook Messenger Secret Conversation
Turning on secret conversation ©ChuksGuide

When you turn on secret conversation for Facebook messenger, your chat will be encrypted from your device to your receiver's device. Your chats become safe with both partners. Also, you can as well decide to make your chats disappear from both sides - You and your receivers, using the timer.

The timer has a stopwatch icon at the right side of your messenger. You would decide what length of time your chat will stay before disappearing, from 10 seconds to 1 day. Once your message has reached its expiration, it will become blurred which is almost hard to figure out.

facebook messenger secret conversation
Chats deleted expired expired timer ©ChuksGuide

Just like WhatsApp end-to-end encryption's verification code, messenger also has its own device key which you can compare with that of your receiver's. Note, your secret conversion is different from your actual conversation. When you turn on secret conversation, its chat will be created alongside your earlier chats. You now have two chats with the same receivers.

To used secret messenger for Facebook messenger, you have to download its latest version from Play Store.

Best Chargers for Android Phones

Smartphones are fun with good chargers - how fast they add current to battery and their consistencies. But getting the right secondary charger has been a challenge. Secondary chargers are chargers you buy in replacement to the one shipped with your phone. It is usually your brand charger which offers greater consistency and reliability during charging.

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It is common to come around chargers that it take 30 minutes to add 10%, battery drops while charging, phone charges only when phone is turned off or phone cannot charge when data is turned on. These are magics you encounter with most secondary chargers. In this post, I have four reliable, tested and best chargers for Android phones like Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, iTel, LG, HTC and other numerous Android devices.

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They are not just best chargers for Android phones, they are faster. It can take less than 30 minutes to charge your battery from 5% to 100%. This is no exaggerations!

Note: There are other numerous secondary best charges for Android phones but these few are tested under my watch.

List of 4 Best Chargers for Android Phones

  1. Playbook Charger for Blackberry
  2. Amazon Charger
  3. Infinix Charger
  4. Griffin Charger

#1 Playbook Charger for Blackberry

Best Chargers for Android Phones
Playbook Charger for BB ©ChuksGuide

Playbook charger was initially made for Blackberry phones. It is a non detachable charger bearing the logo of Blackberry on top. It was rumored to be official blackberry charger especially the BB10s. But the truth is, it was among the first charger to spot fast charge capability.

This charger can charge your battery faster than you expect. It charges every Android device whether Samsung or LG. It has been produced in larger quantities for other devices.

The price of Playbook charger would be at the range N1,500 - N2,500

#2 Amazon Charger

Best Chargers for Android Phones - Amazon charger
Amazon charger ©ChuksGuide

This is a miracle working charger for Android phones. Without exaggerating, it can take only 20 minutes to complete your battery charging cycle. Amazon charger may not have affiliation with the giant e-commerce company, Amazon but it worth the name.

Amazon charger has two types - attachable USB cable and non attachable like that of Playbook. Although, there are different versions of this charger. Luckily, there is a single sign to separate the sheep from the flock. The original Amazon charger has the engraved USB symbol at either cable port.

Best Chargers for Android Phones - USB symbol
USB symbol at both USB mouth ©ChuksGuide

If it does not have this USB symbol, it is liable to be fake.

The price of Amazon charger starts from N1,800 - N2,500

#3 Infinix Charger

Best Chargers for Android Phones - Infinix Charger
Infinix charger ©ChuksGuide

This Infinix charger has been said to be official Infinix charger from its HOT Zero. The charger is quite reliable and fast. It is a detachable charger with USB cable usually white in color.

The price of Infinix charger starts from N1,500 - N2,000

#4 Griffin Charger

Best Chargers for Android Phones - Griffin charger
Griffin charger ©ChuksGuide

Griffin charger? It is referred to as switching mode power supply. The deisgn is really unique like a two way street. It is also a detachable charger with USB cable. It has a yellow LED showing its charging status.

Griffin offers an output voltage of 5V which is equivalent to 2400mA. If your device battery capacity is between 2400mA to 4000mA, it would be the fastest charger one could get. Orice from N1,500 - N2,000


I would recommend all the chargers but Amazon charger is a must have for your Android phone. Amazon is the antidote for batteries like that of Samsung phone tries to prove selective phone. In a more convenient way, they are the best chargers for Android phones. Go buy any of these and feel the complete Android fun.

Dream League Soccer for Android

Have you played Dream League Soccer from the maker of Score Hero game, First touch? At first, it looks boring and so tiny. It was harder to play when I was amateur player. Dream League Soccer is a wonder maker when compared to other soccer hero - FIFA and PES for Android.

Dream League Soccer for Android

This game, Dream League soccer is cool and light. To play Dream League, you don't need a lot of free space. It only require at least 160MB free space to store its cache data game files plus its apk unlike FIFA that consumes up to 1.5GB space. You don't need extra commentary data for dream league. It features your favorite Jon Champion and Jim

Playing Dream League

Dream League Soccer for Android

When you first open Dream league, you would be asked to choose your team captain, I chose Schweinsteiger. You are given a full team to handle known as the Dream Team, DREAM FC. I can't explain everything about dream league. As little as it looks, as complex as it becomes.

Dream League offers features like

  • Search, sign in or transfer players
  • Online MultiPlayer
  • Peer-to-peer MultiPlayer via Wi-fi
  • Team Management
  • Football headline
  • Profile management
  • Player development via Training
  • Leaderboards and records
  • Get coins for transfers, stadium maintenance, players salary and more

Dream League Soccer for Android

Playing with Dream FC takes you to different competitions starting from Academy division to UEFA champions league. Always make sure that your player strength are at least 50% through team management. Also set your formation well. Your active player is marked with a red label above the head.

Dream League has four buttons, A, B and C with a sliding motion button for directions. The button A is for shoot out, B is for short passes and C is pull out.

Dream League tips

Dream League Soccer for Android

*To run faster, slide towards your direction and hold
*To switch player before his wing, double tap on B button.

For display settings, tap on game settings

*Camera type to Sideline
*Camera distance to 10% or 20%

In Dream League, you can resume match you left for days. That is cool.


Dream League Soccer for AndroidDream League Soccer for AndroidDream League Soccer for AndroidDream League Soccer for Android

Download Dream League Soccer for Android.

Game data | 148MB
Game APK | 59MB

 Airtel Blackberry Unlimited data plans drain faster
Image Credit/ UCSB

The truth is that I have loved Airtel for one single reason which apart from that nothing else. Their network and internet signals are almost in every nook and cranny in Nigeria. Unlike other networks, they are somehow dominant in some remote areas - 3G is quite reliable there.

Its Airtel Blackberry unlimited data plans for Blackberry devices has been a great relief for blackberry users to surf the internet more comfortably. The plans are quite unlimited when used on Blackberry devices since they can take you for 30 days and still remain. But this is unlikely on Android devices.

Although, Airtel Blackberry Unlimited data works on other platforms like Android, PC, iPhones etc. But there is a greater difference between Blackberry RIM and other devices using the same blackberry plan. For Android OS, its data utilization coupled with its OS background consumption are nowhere comparable to that of Blackberry. Blackberry saves a lot of data, you have the chance to enjoy the value of your data till its validity.

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It would be a cheat for Airtel to let other Platforms take full advantage of their data worth for Blackberry. They understand that your device eats data more than Blackberry does. In attempt for them to calibrate the way you leverage their data, they now double charge other devices using its Blackberry Unlimited data plans. That is why you complain that your Airtel data drains very fast within 5 - 10 days.

If you ask me how cool is it, I would sobbingly say "very cool". Well, it is a marketing strategy in other not to fall off in value. The information I have given to you is very true. I have tried to monitor my data consumption two times and luckily they gave me similar results.

 Airtel Blackberry Unlimited data plans drain faster

Have you heard about Airtel 1+1 Blackberry unlimited data of 3GB for 1 month? This data plan doubles your subscription from 3GB to 6GB at just N1,500 for 30 days. I have used this plan twice because i wanted a nicer data plan to surf the internet. My first subscription was really confusing for me because I couldn't imagine how a 6GB would get finished within 2 weeks on a very lite usage - No downloads, No streaming, just me! I calculated the data stats which showed a total 3GB usage but I was not satisfied so I went for another monitored round.

I did the same subscription, Airtel 1+1 Blackberry unlimited data, and yet recorded the same result. This wasn't my first experience with data double charging on Airtel with other platforms. This Blackberry unlimited works great on Blackberry devices - OS 6, 7, 10. You are double charged because it was originally made for Blackberry devices. Out of pity for other platforms, they were enrolled with a condition of -50% off. They won't tell you they did but you have to figure out.

Another worse experience is trying to download a 3GB file size when on Airtel 1+1 Blackberry plan with hope of having a 3GB left over data after download. Your file may or not download completely since the data allocation is 3GB and apparently not 6GB. We should always try a second thought choosing data plans especially Airtel Blackberry plans.

Here is a run down of what you may get when using Airtel Blackberry Unlimited data on Android, PC, iPhone etc.

Airtel Blackberry Unlimited data of 2GB gives you 1GB
Airtel Blackberry plan of 3GB gives you 1.5GB
Airtel Blackberry plan of 6GB gives you 3GB

Don't feel cheated! Kindly embrace the change and feel alright. If you really wish to take full advantage of these data plans, Blackberry plans, why not swap over to Blackberry. It will be a tough decision anyway.

stop Facebook game requests
Credits / iMore

Facebook game requests is a part of incentives one could engage oneself with. You can play games and as well try new apps on Facebook but not everybody should like to try them. Although, some of these Facebook games are free but it is not a guarantee for everybody being a fan.

stop Facebook game requests
Credits / Quickmeme

Facebook game requests can be annoying even to the senders. I was made to understand that most of these game request are not really initiated by the senders instead they are automatically sent randomly to friends within your Facebook circle. They are not just sent once, they keep sending game requests till you accept the request.

Tell my Facebook friends to stop sending me game requests to play criminal case, I am not a policeman. 

Some of the popular Facebook game requests are Criminal case, Sims, Candy crush yoga etc. Some of these game requests are redirected either to sponsored Play Store or app store. While some are can be played on its platform - Facebook. Here is the good news for those that would love to stop Facebook game requests or even block these game requests entirely.

How to stop Facebook game requests

At the moment, you can stop Facebook game requests on Desktop or PC ie. using a computer. The options cannot be found on its mobile apps. You can use a public cyber cafe if you can't find a PC. Make sure you browse in incognito or clear data after using public cyber cafe.

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It is time to prevent anyone, friends from sending you Facebook game request like criminal case, Sims once and for all. Meanwhile, Tell my Facebook friends to stop sending me game requests to play criminal case, I am not a policeman.

We are going to work on two blocking modes

  1. Block app invites and
  2. Block app
To start with any of these, open settings from the litttle drop down icon 

Stop Facebook Game Requests
Click on Settings to open options to choose ©ChuksGuide 
Now, from the options at the left side corner of your PC, locate and choose Blocking. You should probably see these options above. Now lets proceed.

Stop Facebook Game Requests
Choose Blocking ©ChuksGuide

Block app invites

stop Facebook game requests
Block app invites from disturbing friends ©ChuksGuide

Once you block app invites from someone, you'll automatically ignore future game requests from that friend. To block invites from a specific friend, click the "Ignore all invites from this friend" link under your latest request.

The above image is for expressional purposes. Blocking app invites does not block the person entirely but the request.

Block app

Stop Facebook Game Requests
Type any letter to start with ©ChuksGuide

When you block or remove an app or game from the App Center or your app settings, they'll no longer be able to access any info about you. However, if you've shared your email address with an app or game, they can still send you emails at that address. 

stop facebook game requests
Lists of  blocked apps or games ©ChuksGuide

Type on those popular Facebook game request to add to block list. Add as many as you wish to stop receiving requests from.

With these, I hope you would be able to stop receiving Facebook game requests.

secure Facebook account from hackers

Hey! I just want to steal your attention from the above title, how to secure Facebook account from hackers with strong charms, but I'm damn serious about it. Facebook is my favorite social platform and i enjoy every bit of it. But its excessive public nature can be alarming. Someone probably your Facebook friend might infiltrate into your browser cookies and modify some data whenever you come across their inviting external links. Am I making any sense to you?

Now check this; When your friend denies sharing a morally damaging posts or sexually abusing contents to an external site on his/her own timeline, when your friend is tagged to a misleading photo or video. In other way round, when you are automatically locked out of your Facebook account by someone you have done no wrong to. Now, he/she messes your timeline with categories of contents. I hope i am now making a little sense? Of course Yes! Technically, all these weird things were not intentionally posted by your friend(s) but they are responsible for anything that happens to their account. Read below to know why.

I'm going to focus on two things - (1)__When someone posts nude/damaging contents on your timeline and (2)__When someone intentionally locks you out of your Facebook account. It is like chasing you away from your home.

How to secure Facebook account from hackers

Unfortunately, we call every mere abnormality "hackers" on Facebook. Hackers are the bad guys that break user's security (usually passwords through brute force attacks) in other to compromise their walls without the permission of the account owner. But in a situation when you carelessly give someone permission to mess on your wall, it becomes no hacking! Hacking of Facebook account is real but it is not too conventional to the people that knows how to curb it.

  1. When someone posts nude/damaging contents on your timeline

    This is not actually a sole work of a hacker. What really happened was that the victim clicked on a shared link from friend's wall or group. Groups are the major carrier of this malware. They post mostly seductive photos for example "OMG, See what this Calabar girls are doing inside the room" or "Meet Anita, she needs a sugar daddy. Click to get her number". That is why most people are the cause of their problem! The webmaster may restructure his code infiltrate into visitor's browser cookies and insert some auto-posting features. Have you seen some comments like this "Hi Chuks! I have lost 10 pounds on this site. Visit FatLoss .com"? That is a typical example.

    In other to secure Facebook account from hackers like this, it is very simple. JUST BE MINDFUL OF HOW YOU CLICK ON SHARED POSTS especially on some notorious groups. Even if you would love to view the contents, learn how to turn on Incognito mode/Private or anonymous browsing. Here, your browser details, history, cookies are wiped off and not stored. To turn on it on, open your browser menu to open a new private window.

  2. When someone intentionally locks you out of your Facebook account

    Someone can lock you out from your Facebook account if you fail to logout in a public cyber cafe before your time finishes or your fellow employee from your office computer, stolen/lost Facebook connected phones or weak password.

I'm no longer going in details, i will just summarize because i have taken much time earlier.

What to do to avoid getting your Facebook account hacked

Below are the strong charms to equip to your Facebook account.

secure Facebook account from hackers

  • Create Strong Password: Strong passwords are huge limitations for hackers. Avoid using your name or mobile phone numbers to create passwords because they can be too easy to be guessed. Learn how to calculate and create strong passwords

  • Set primary email and confirm your mobile phone number: This is a great option to recover your account when attacked. Through this, you can request for new password in case

  • Activate Login Approvals: It allows you to enter some codes sent to your activated mobile number anytime you try to login from unrecognized devices. They are usually 6 characters integer. Click this link to activate up your login approval

  • Setup Code Generator for mobile app users : This code is required anytime you attempt to login with a Facebook mobile app. Click here

  • Setup Login Alert: Get an alert when anyone logs into your account from an unrecognized device or browser. Click here to start

  • Do not tick "Remember me" when logging in to your Facebook account from a public cyber cafe.

  • Always logout from friends PC or phones after use. They might be your hacker next time.

With these charms, i believe no one can hijack your Facebook account any more. Although, I have really taken much time to write these and i hope you would forgive me.

WhatsApp regular updates

WhatsApp has been a lighter instant messaging app for almost every mobile platform (Java S40, S60, Android, iOS, Windows, RIM etc). Its regular updates have been maintained even before Facebook acquired it, so it is not a matter of Facebook overdo.

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I have seen people criticize how often WhatsApp releases it app updates within months following disconnection until its recent update has been welcomed. WhatsApp updates is a part of versioning control in other to keep track of bugs fixes and better user experience.

But, does it really annoys you? Well, there are cool and sad part about WhatsApp regular updates. It is not just WhatsApp, other major apps do maintain regular versioning too. But there is a distinct difference when compared to other apps.

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WhatsApp regular updates
WhatsApp new text and sticker edit ©ChuksGuide

The cool part about WhatsApp regular updates

It provides users with cool features and bug fixes on existing installation. Since this year, WhatsApp has release at least five new features which include;
  • WhatsApp Web
  • Star chats
  • Quote chats
  • Text formatting - bold, italics, strike through
  • Video calling with beta testers
  • Group name mentions
  • Photo editing with smileys, text and more

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All these features work with recent update WhatsApp releases at those time. These bug fixes can be incompatibility with Android version variants.

On the other hand, one thing i can say about WhatsApp regular updates is expiration - users are disconnected prior to the expiration. This has been the cause of much hatred for its app updates. I have thought that user's experience is a choice to be made by the users and not a thing of compulsory follow up. Just like other apps, users won't get disconnected on release of new app updates. It is now left for them to decide updating their apps.

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whatsapp regular updates

Why users complain is as a result of having no access to Play Store. Some Android users have no Google account to take advantage of the apps in its store. They sometimes get WhatsApp app from friends or mirror links from the web. They wouldn't like taking them back to start looking for an update before they could chat with friends.

Although, getting installed apps updated has been a cool practice since it smoothens users experience and engagements on Android. Notwithstanding, some app updates suck! but WhatsApp really don't.

In conclusion

WhatsApp recent updates don't necessarily suck unless for low data plans. If you use a low data bundle plan, try to get newest WhatsApp from friends who do update theirs. WhatsApp has wanted its users to have the best experience one could get using its messenger app.

Should you need a custom WhatsApp app that does not expire, you may need GBWhatsApp Plus.

phone downloads app by itself

It is no magic when your Android smartphone downloads apps by itself automatically and displays annoying pop ups. If you have loved installing multiple free apps or cracked paid apps for free, there is a tendency to be victimized of apps downloading by itself automatically and even displaying pop up ads of girls. This is as a result of having installed many free apps that are ads monetized.

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Some Android App developers make money through monetizing their apps through admob. When you install any of these apps that has too many ad networks in its code, it now tries to take advantage of your Android system tool called which is the Android push notifications.

Some apps control the push notifications. Push notifications let your app notify a user of new notifications, updates or messages from apps using the push notifications. On Android smartphones, when it receives a push notification, your app icons and some messages appear on the status bar which takes you to the main app when tapped on. Example could be found on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger etc.

Is it dangerous to my device?

Since push notifications can be used to broadcast to all users through marketing campaigns using pop up ads, some app developers have to integrate its usage on the app to drive ads campaigns on installed Android devices. Having push notifications enabled on your Android device is cool but being in awe of mischievous attempts by app developers over user's privacy could be alarming.

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Not all Android apps found on Play Store are useful. Some can be threat to your device. Your Android begins to download apps whenever data is turned on is as a result of some useless apps. Sometimes, you see annoying pop ups on your Android screen which are usually photos of girls on bikini or bra.

The owners of the app get paid whenever apps are automatically downloaded and also when you tap on those photos on your screen redirecting you to some locations. These has no special damage to your Android device but it can terminate your privacy.

phone downloads app by itself

Assuming you gave someone your Andy device to check stuffs on the internet. Sadly, those ads pop up show up on your screen. He or she will immediately assume that you have those kind of stuffs in bulk. On the case of downloading apps, it can consume your data downloading wastes. Some of these apps that are usually downloaded are nude apps, sexy girls apps, 9apps, melon apps etc.

How to stop apps downloading on itself and annoying pop up

There are two steps you can follow to stop apps downloading on itself.

Phone downloads Apps by itself Phone downloads Apps by itself

  1. Turn off and Stop Android Push Notifications or
  2. Install Stubborn Trojan Killer

Turn off  and stop Android Push Notifications

Android push notifications can be controlled by threats, Trojan @Fakegupdt, to showing annoying ads pop up and automatic apps downloads. Sometimes, you begin to wonder how come these installed apps on your phone. Most of them fail to uninstall because they have taken a portion as active service under Settings > Accessibility > Services.

Disabling Android push notifications does no harm to your device, it limits its usage to apps needing it.

To disable Android push,

Settings > Apps/Application manager > ALL

Phone downloads Apps by itself

Locate and tap FORCE STOP. Then tap "DISABLE". If you could find alarm.push, try trojan killer

Install Stubborn Trojan Killer


Stubborn Trojan Killer prevents the activities of these apps from using push notification as a maid to getting info from your device. This app is free.

Download Stubborn Trojan Killer

Phone downloads Apps by itself

I hope your phone won't download apps by itself next time after you have followed these steps. For the annoying pop up ads, it will varnish.

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