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Nigerian's reactions over freebasics by Facebook

Yesterday, Facebook Boss, Mark Zukerberg announced their partnership with Airtel to launch freebasics in Nigeria on his timeline.  He acknowledged the visions and abilities of Nigeria's young entrepreneurs like that of Jobberman. He was excited to see bundled surprises Nigeria will accommodate soonest.

Most Nigerians applauded his interest to bringing freebasics in other African countries and Nigeria which is targeted to bringing more unconnected users online at no cost or data.

Now, having looked closely, Indians banned freebasics because from their own point of views,  "Users of freebasics were redirected to pay for an extended service. So why is it free? " There has been interpretations by them through their comments. "Free basics means free to the basics. Others referred it as a form of slavery to Nigeria.

Although, some other Nigerians tend not have accepted the gesture from Facebook. Someone commented "I have been using this but I can't view photos or watch videos. " Does that means the free is not wholly generalized?

freebasics by facebook freebasics by facebook freebasics by facebook

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