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How to clone Pixel Launcher for Android 7.0 on any Android phone

Pixel Launcher for Android 7.0 on any Android phone

Pixel Launcher is the home screen experience for the Pixel and Pixel XL phones by Google. It claims to work on other Android phones with minimum requirement of Android 5.0. Though, it failed on effort to use it on a Samsung Galaxy S4 running 5.1

Why is Pixel Launcher so special?

Lets say, because it is from Google. Pixel launcher  has appeared to be one of a kind with its outstanding new features, icons and functionality.

In this post, I will show you how you can . Even if you were able to install and use Pixel Launcher in your non-pixel phones, its features will be limited and buggy.

To clone Pixel Launcher, you would need two free apps

  • Nova Launcher and
  • Pixel Icon Pack

How to make your Android look like Pixel Launcher

Firstly, download and install the two apps from Play Store or alternative links from the bottom of this post. Currently, Nova launcher for Pixel launcher style is in beta version. I would suggest you download from the alternative link below this post.

After installing Nova Launcher, tap to open. Then follow these settings to choosing your presets;

  1. Overall theme, choose LIGHT 
  2. App drawer style, choose IMMERSIVE
  3. Open app drawer action, choose SWIPE UP
  4. Then apply.
You should have something like this as in the image below.

Pixel Launcher for Android 7.0 on any Android phone
Initial Nova Launcher look /ChuksGuide

Extra Nova customization

Tap your phone menu button to choose Nova Settings or swipe up to find Nova Settings from the app drawer.

From the Nova Settings, open the following menus;


Desktop grid ==5
Search bar style == Choose the third option with Google icon mask in oval shape.

App & widget drawers

Drawer App Grid ==5

Look & Feel

Icon theme == Choose Pixel Icon Pack

Choosing Icon pack /ChuksGuide

Now, exit Nova Settings. You should get a better look as in the image below. Add apps to background to fill the spaces.

Pixel Launcher for Android 7.0 on any Android phone
Final desktop look /ChuksGuide
Pixel Launcher for Android 7.0 on any Android phone
Final Nova look on App drawer /ChuksGuide

With Nova Launcher, you can now feel how Pixel Launcher works. You can as well download Wallpaper app to change default wallpaper. No root is required.

To open your app drawer, just swipe up starting from the up arrow. You can also add some free gestures from gestures and inputs under Nova Settings. For notification badge to work, you will need to upgrade to Nova Prime. But these free features are still great.

Download Links:
Nova Launcher | Play Store | Alternative link
Pixel Icon Pack | Play Store | Alternative link

Chuks Amobi:

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  1. I really don't like third party launchers, but this your article I will give it a try.

  2. Thanks for sharing Mr Chuks. This is a very simple and straightforward tutorial to follow. I'm just hearing about the Pixel Launcher for the first time. I've been using Go Launcher for as long as I can remember. I will have to try Pixel Launcher out since it is from the Almighty Google.

    1. Your Android will not remain the same with Nova Launcher. Pixel may not work for your device

  3. I wil try this pixel launcher let me see hw my phone wil be
    Thanks for helping me abt my samsung memory prob

  4. Wow! What a great guide, thank you so much.

  5. Insightful... About trying it out on my android phone.

  6. This tutorial is very OK to understand, I will try it though I didn't like third-party launcher.

  7. Wow! So google wasn't Android's founder... Lol...
    I blog @ Blogtrovert


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