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Duta WhatsApp football updates – Subscribe to your favourite football matches on the go

 WhatsApp football updates

I have written more than three useful posts about Duta WhatsApp football updates. It allows you to receive updates on football news, rumours, match fixtures, real-time live match and scores etc. These functions are not powered by WhatsApp itself but a separate team called Duta.

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There are still other services offered by Duta like news, jokes, jumble games, lifestyles, currency worth etc.

Duta WhatsApp football updates  now allows you to auto subscribe to all the matches of your favourite team or football club. Some of these football team include EPL, LA Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, all international matches, countries just on your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp football updates
Screen grab of duta football news

You don’t need any viewing centre because all their summaries are visuals in written format. To auto subscribe to your favourite match or club, simply add duta on your WhatsApp group.

How to Add Duta WhatsApp football updates

  1. Add +91 9043011840 to your phone contact
  2. Create a WhatsApp group. 
  3. Add the contact you created in step 1 into your newly created group.
  4. Once done, you would be welcome with a message
  5. Type a chat in this format “+football” and send. Don’t include this ” ” .
  6. Done. You will start to receive football news, rumours, transfer.

How to auto subscribe to your favourite matches 

WhatsApp football updates
Select any option to start auto match subscription


*For MANUTD Fans: Type “+football manutd
*For BARCA Fans: Type “+football barca”
*For NIGERIAN Fans: Type “+football nigeria”
*For EPL matches: Type “+football epl” and more

How to Subscribe to WhatsApp football lives scores, match and results

WhatsApp football updates
For Watford vs Man City, reply “sf54”
WhatsApp football updates
For Chelsea vs Liverpool, reply “sf46”


Before a match begins, you will receive a chat on how to subscribe to it with some codes. In other to subscribe to any of them, simply reply the code attached to the particular game.

For other Duta services, type “+info” to receive a list of them.

New WhatsApp football updates:

Duta has changed its news subscription format from digits to three letter alphabet. Check the image below;
Duta WhatsApp football updates
Type LDD or *LDD or ldd for news on Taylor Swift /ChuksGuide
To read any news, simply type the subscription letter regardless of the case. It is case insensitive. LDB is same as ldb.
Another Duta update for its WhastApp services (Football updates, Tech new, News) allows you to read all articles in every single news headlines. See the image below for a tip.
Duta WhatsApp football updates
Type *LKQ or *lkq to read all article
We expect to write about other new updates from Duta. I used GBWhatsApp from the screenshots above. Read about GBWhatsApp here

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    Updated on August 11, 2017

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