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How To Download All Your Uploaded Facebook Photos in a Single Click

Facebook shares not only as one of the popular social networks but as also a store house to all your uploads (Pictures and Videos). There was a time i began to delete most of my pictures i uploaded on Facebook just because i thought having them online make no sense. Facebook allows you to share pictures, videos with your friends.

Whenever you upload a picture on your Facebook timeline, the picture gets added in your predefined album. You could also create your custom album. Like example, if you upload a picture using your mobile phone, it will be added in “Mobile uploads album”, if you upload with a computer, it also gets added in “Timeline photos” etc. Facebook now helps its users to download all your uploaded pictures through any of these albums. It now serves as a media cloud storage just like Dropbox, A Drive etc.

Why should you consider downloading your pictures from Facebook? You could restore your pictures after you have lost them from your SD card. Have you imagined why some people upload up to 20 pictures in a row? They might be doing it for safe keeping.

Downloading Your Facebook Pictures.

  • Login to Facebook using a PC
  • At the left panel of your Facebook home page, click on Photos to open the below image. photos
  • Click on Album and wait for the album to load. Your Albums will now be displayed.photos
  • Now, click on the Album you wish to download.
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  • At the right side of your page, Click on the gear icon to select “Download Album”. Now click on it to proceed photos22
  • A pop up will show telling you how much time it will take for your download. It is usally a minute. Click on “Start Downloading”.  facebook-download-photos
  • Once your pictures are prepared for download, a notification will show telling you that your Album photos is ready for download. facebook-download-photos
  • Now click on the notification to start your download.


The time it takes for the time to fully download depends on the number of pictures in that Album. Once your download is complete, it will be packed in a zip archive.

Now, you can restore your pictures whenever you wish to.

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  1. Nice posts. Can i do it in operamini?

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