Ringing Bells Launches a $4 Smartphone, Freedom 251

Having an Android Smartphone  below $200 could be referred to as a low budget smartphone. Now, having count $200 to $100, down to a 2 digits $4 price could be something unbelievable. An Indian company, Ringing Bells , yesterday launched its smartphone brand called Freedom 251 at a whooping price of Rs251 equivalent to $4.

Freedom 251 runs on Android Lollipop 5.1 operating system. It is also powered by 1.3 GHZ quad-core processor. It is believed to support all available apps in the Google Play store. It features 8GB of storage capacity, 1GB of RAM , 1450mAh of battery,  a 3.2MP rear camera and 0.3MP front camera for selfies.


Freedom 251 will be launched this Thursday, 18th and when it does, it may be the cheapest smartphone currently for sale in the world beating Walmart LG smartphone which was at $10. Though, Freedom 251 comes with preinstalled apps sometimes called bloatware. Ringing Bells will sell the product through 650 distributors in India. Does that mean Freedom 251 is locally exclusive? lol.

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Freedom 251 has the look of iPhone 4 with its round iPhone like back button. The default home screen replacement also look very much alike like that of iLauncher.


Now, with Freedom 251 on sale, everybody could have a smartphone…

Video Credits : Gadget360



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  2. Is it on Konga??? I want to buy it.

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