Kuvée: An internet enabled smart wine

A US wine industry has redesigned the traditional bottle of wine to incorporate a wifi internet enabled wine in other to keep the wine fresh up to 30 days.

Kuvée is a Wi-Fi connected wine bottle with a touchscreen that needs to be constantly recharged and is only compatible with proprietary wine cartridges .  How does Kuvée work?  It comprises of the bottle, and the wine cartridge that fits inside it, slide in through an opening at its base. When you put in a new cartridge, the bottle will detect what you’re drinking and display a digital label on its touchscreen. It has everything you’d expect to find on a wine’s label, like a logo, the grape, and alcohol content, plus a bunch of background information.

As a startup, Kuvée is seeking funds through an Indiego campaign in other to raise a $50,000. They promise to keep wine fresh for up to 30 days. Using the bottle’s touchscreen, you can browse and purchase the other wines available through Kuvée.

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Via : DailyMail


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