Reply Chats on messenger with a chat bot when you are busy

Most chats are not replied either because the receiver is busy, unavailable or some personal decisions. So, in other not to get your friends, fans, admirer…in a state of being grudged, there is a messenger in app that will take your responsibilities in your chats.

The Chat Bot Club will be an in-app on Facebook messenger that allows you to create a bot for yourself. This bot will interact with every incoming chats the same way you would with them. Whenever you are busy, unavailable or somehow not in a chat mood, your bot will take over to reply chats. But how this chat bot recognizes your chatting styles and senders style especially for stenographic typos becomes anĀ outstandingĀ feature.

New Jersey resident, Irene Chen, came up that it was impossible for her to keep up with her friends and their groups chats on Facebook messenger just the same way most of us do. This app uses Cisco Spark and IBM Ā Watson to run bots which learn your writing style including all the shorthand words, phrases, emoji etc in other to use them while chatting with your friends.

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The cool thing about this chat bot app is that your friends may think that you are actually replying them while you are seriously doing something else. But I can actually test if it is actually you when i use some native words. The app, Ā Chat Bot club, is not yet ready on the Facebook messenger but was showcased at the Techrunch Discrupt Hackathon. It is hope to be available very soon

SOURCEĀ Ā TechCrunch

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