Score Hero the Fun and Creative Football game for Android

 Score Hero

Have you played Dream Team Soccer 2016? Here is another one from the maker of Dream Team. Score hero is not just a football game, it is fun.

From passing skills to scoring mastering. When you play well, you will be chosen to play a trial with list of clubs.

You now a new career with your new club. You get a custom Jersey name. Play games with other clubs and lift your position, club top.

In every match, you are required to score given goals, assists, to maintain your stand in the league. Play superb to get off the relegation zone. Win trophies for your club and international matches.

Sports magazine on every match. Injuries, fights, win, lose, commentary included.

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+ Internet 
+ Android 4.0.1+

The size is 98MB. No game data! Just install and have fun.


score heroscore heroscore heroscore hero 

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  1. I have played this game boss. It makes sense but you can't play it like fifa or pess.

  2. Dope game. You go use your hand to control it. For people wey get common sense #6

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