Computing create free website jimdo

Simple and Effective way to host and create a free website on Android

Android has been making life easier with its numerous apps that do the work of a PC. It is not new to perform amazing things one could never thought an ordinary phone can do. Not only that you can host and create a free website on your Android device be it Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, itel, […]

camstudio Computing screencast

A great tool to create quick demos and screencasts on your Windows computer

Recording your screen has become a greater alternative to screenshots whenever you are involving larger activity like showing someone how something is done or tutorials instead of having multiple image snaps. Also, it has turned down using camcorder to record your screen activity due to its huge output size and blurring output. CamStudio Recorder is […]

Computing create websites drupal joomla WordPress

Web Design Tools to help you design websites within 10mins

Website design has become a common activity today owing to its massive number of active and inactive websites. Maybe I should conclude that web design is one of the easiest IT skills. A typical website could only require basic HTML, CSS and some JavaScript skills which are not too brainstorming like other IT skills ,Java, […]

Computing linux skinpack ubuntu

Ubuntu SkinPack is here for your Windows OS

Download Ubuntu SkinPack is here for your Windows OS. SkinPack make changes to your system files, SkinPack works that way! It modifies your system files to change icons. If you do not want this, you can not use SkinPack, sorry! SkinPack will modify system files like imageres.dll to change icons and antivirus dont permission to […]

apple Computing IOS9 skinpack

iOS 9 Skin Pack Is Here for your Windows OS

With iOS 9 Skin pack installed, you can now have the feel of Apple Macintosh iOS 9 running on your Windows OS. No VMware requires, just click to install and you will gone Mac. iOS Skin PackSupport: Windows 8/8.1/7/SP1 [X86_X64] – [All Language] – [All Version] Programs: RocketDock 1.3.5 by Punk LabsXwidget 1.5 & XLaunchPad […]

Computing elementary os fast os linux

Elementary OS : World Fastest OS replacement for windows and OS X

Elementary OS is a fast and open replacement for Windows and OS X  is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It makes use of a desktop with its own shell named Pantheon,and is deeply integrated with other elementary OS applications like Plank (a dock), Midori (the default web browser) and Scratch (a simple text editor). […]

Computing download upload for free

FREE places to upload and share your musics, videos, photos, documents, source codes

Now you can upload and share your files on the internet in numerous ways FREE of charge. This is referred to as Cloud Storage. Cloud storage is a model of data storage where data, files (musics, videos, documents etc) are stored and managed on the server (internet) by a hosting company. In other to upload […]

buying laptop computer requirements Computing system specification

How to Check Specifications on a Windows Computer before buying

You wish to buy a new laptop or PC? But before you buy it, there are needs to check its specifications before you take it home. These reasons can be To ensure that your computer can handle any new programs you wish to install in the future. If it doesn’t meet the recommended specs of […]

blog blogger Computing create blog Lifestyle WordPress

Own a free blog without paying a dime

Today, blogs have become alternatives to sharing information in form of articles, news feeds, entertainment posts etc. Most journalism are using blogs instead of conventional websites because it is lightweight, content management, realtime updates and WYSIWYG editors. A blog is an informational site published on internet . It is not something very different,but same thing […]

Computing corrupt files damaged files damaged flash recover recover file recover files restore files

Recover Lost files, images, videos, documents, Software

We are bound to losing our files provided that we do share our peripherals like USB storage, External hard disk with other PC users or even sharing files in our memory cards to other devices through bluetooth. I will always tell my friends to please format my USB flash drive after use to avoid getting […]