Facebook Security

Facebook has become a crucial part of our lifestyle in reaching out to family, friends, expanding mutual network through Pages and groups. We extend our connections to other people who are not in contact with us.

Facebook has also turn out to be a part of business and store house for our personal information. These personal information could be our names, email address, addresses, photos, siblings and credit cards for people who advertise on Facebook.

In USA alone, there’s a frequent reported scams costing roughly $50 billion each year and are mostly through phone calls, social media and emails. Scams happen not because the victims are so dumb but because they were careless to understand how scammers do their tricks.

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding it difficult to login back to your Facebook account you just left few minutes ago. Your friends may call you to either report the mess going on your Facebook account or how worried they are from the last message they receive from your account. In most cases, people are denied access to their Facebook account.

Facebook is a multi-billion social network. It has revolutionized the way we connect with people around us and beyond. Over the years, Facebook has worked so hard to put in place tools on how one controls their privacy and how other people interact with them.

As Facebook is a complex social network, people are no longer interested to leveraging on these privacy tools to control how sees their account or not and utilizing the security tools.

Following the recent scandal, a lot of users have expressed their grief over the incident blaming only Facebook. One thing they have missed is that there are privacy tools on Facebook that controls how one’s information are shared on Facebook and to who.

But have you paused for a moment and ask yourself why would someone be interested in hacking into someone else Facebook account in the first place? They want information.

As experts on Facebook and how it affects our lifestyle, we have helped individuals with similar challenges related to Facebook security, privacy, recovering hacked accounts and common walk-through on usages.

We have compiled a Facebook security handbook, Smarter than Facebook Scammers. This handbook identified all the secrets that are common to Facebook scams and the Internet as a whole. The smarter approach to control how your privacy on Facebook, who accesses your data on Facebook, hardcore security optimization and more.

We would have also loved to give out this handbook FREE as we used to do but we concluded it for a token. It is safer to spend $15 today upfront than losing both personal information and something more valuable.

The cost of this book is only $15 and you will get it instantly as a downloadable document in PDF format as soon as you make an order.

Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting

We’re offering you a 35-page book from a combined efforts from our experts that explained the secrets of Facebook security and privacy nobody has ever revealed.

Our motive is to expose with the background insights so that next time you see them coming, you already knew what to do to them.

  1. Learn from experiences of Facebook Scam victims – Pg 2
    Two Facebook scam victims you need to read in order to learn how it comes. Learning from people’s experiences is an added advantage to one’s knowledge.
  2. Facebook Scam Report – Pg 6
    More than five scam alerts you should immediately take action or report to Facebook.
  3. Facebook privacy – Pg 12
    The bone of contention when it comes to protecting what users share on Facebook.
  4. 3 Scam Templates – Pg 10
    The same templates (3 samples) scammers use to steal from their victims.
  5. User login security – Pg 13
    Twelve Facebook logins systems and learn why 9 are most important.
  6. Personalizing Facebook account – Pg 20
    Learn five ways to control how your information are displayed on Facebook.
  7. Facebook Social Engineering – Pg 29
    Understand the game social engineers play and kick them off.
  8. Dos and Don’t on Facebook – Pg 28
    Why you have to restrict certain personal details to only your Friends and private.

Additional Facebook Privacy bonuses:

  1. How to manage what apps get access to your Facebook data and profile information
  2. How to restrict apps from accessing your private and public information on Facebook.
  3. How to work smarter with messages from Pages asking for your information.

These bonuses are worth $10 but we are giving it out for FREE as part of you taking a step.

Before the end of this book, you must have gone Pro in the nitty gritty Facebook offers in both security and privacy. Simply click on the button to make an order today you still see the chance.