12-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Using Emoji

Last Updated on February 28, 2016

A 12-Year-Old Girl from Fairfax, Virginia, USA has been charged with threatening her school with emoji. The police said she posted a message on Instagram in December which had a gun, bomb and knife emojis. It reads “Killing {Knife emoji} meet me in the library tuesday {knife gun bomb emojis}”.

A police was informed of the threatening emojis and immediately sent an emergency request for the IP address. He also began questioning students. The girl admitted to the act and was charged with threatening the school and computer harassment. She’s even going to appear in juvenile court.

There are some of several emoji which have become a new form of web slang. they are being used to stalk, harass, threaten or even defame people. Courts are not sure how to deal the newly popular medium of communication. Cases with questionable emoji have even reached the US supreme court.

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