A great tool to create quick demos and screencasts on your Windows computer

Last Updated on April 4, 2016

Recording your screen has become a greater alternative to screenshots whenever you are involving larger activity like showing someone how something is done or tutorials instead of having multiple image snaps. Also, it has turned down using camcorder to record your screen activity due to its huge output size and blurring output.

CamStudio Recorder is a windows utility software that records your computer’s screen in multiple preferences like setting a preferred coverage region. CamStudio is a project by Janhgm and Nick the Geek. Records screen activity from the Windows desktop into standard AVI movie files. It is an ideal tool for creating software demonstrations and active presentations.

Features of CamStudio

  • Highlight the cursor path during recording
  • Automatic panning
  • Ability to record sounds
  • Lets you append comments, timestamp or watermark on your video
  • It captures screenshots

To start using CamStudio, you need to get a setup file from its page in sourceforge. After you must have downloaded and installed CamStudio on your Windows machine, then open CamStudio. The first thing to do is defining your working region. Just click on “Region” menu and choose either of the options. You can now proceed to “Options” to configure audio and output options.

You have total control over the output of your video: you can choose to use custom cursors, to record the whole screen or just a section of it and can reduce or increase the quality of the recording depending on if you want smaller videos (for emailing to people, for instance) or you can have “best quality” ones for burning onto CD/DVD.

CamStudio saves your screencasts in an “avi” file format. It is a great tool yet simple, intuitive and FREE. You could record an entire screen (Full Screen), assigned window (Window) or a portion of the screen (Fixed region). You can adjust timestamp and watermarkusing the “Effects > Option”. You can also change the view to either “Compact”,”Normal” or “Buttons” view.

To start using CamStudio today, visit their sourceforge page or
click this link to automatically download. 

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