Affordable Android data subscriptions that could keep you engaged onthe internet for almost 30days

Last Updated on March 28, 2016

Affordable Android data subscriptions
To some people, without staying on the internet at most 1 hour per day tend to be impossible. I could count some guys that would never miss logging in to their social handles just to respond to their messages and notifications, Nairaland and Lindaikeji blog for celebrity news and gossip, Naij, VanguardNgr for national news , FrankAppTech for internet and browsing tips. Affordable Android data subscriptions might be a hard choice.

Nowadays, it is getting difficult to access the internet cheaply especially for Android and iOS users. But the freedom to these is dependent on the subscription plan you are currently engaged. For Android users, it is a game of how much data you can manage. Android is powered by system apps and some third party apps either from Play store or numerous sources and most of these apps have data hungry background activities. It would be a bet to see someone’s data plan from being active up to 30days.

Efforts by our local network providers, MTN, Airtel, GLO…, sometimes are not fully utilized by their customers. A normal data subcription lets say 2GB of data for 30 days might not take someone’s heavy usage and this will not cost nothing less than N2000. But there are few data plans that can keep you on the internet for a considerable numbers of days. Though, these plans are somewhat boring in the sense that they only give you access to a predefined activity.

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Affordable Android data subscriptions

MTN WhatsApp bundle

WhatsApp bundle from MTN allows you to enjoy everything in WhatsApp. It is a 25MB of data but it could take you for a whole 30days. It only allows you to use WhatsApp and nothing more.

To activate MTN WhatsApp bundle, send a text in this format “WAM” to 131 without the quotes. It cost N60 for 30days.

MTN, Etisalat, Airtel SME data Share

Here, a registered customer can share a concluded data size to you as low as N1000 for a month validity. Depending on the person that shares data, the commonest ranges are :

N1000 for 1GB
N2100 for 2GB
N3000 for 3GB

Most times, they require you to send recharge cards in order to benefit. That is, if you wanted a 1GB for N1000. You have to send recharge cards worth of N1000 to them. I recommend that you know who tell send recharge cards to.

Airtel WhatsApp bundle.

Unlike MTN WhatsApp bundle, Airtel gives you 30MB to be used by every apps on your phone. This also work in every OS brand. The validity is 1month.

To subscribe, dial *948# It costs N100.

Airtel Opera bundle

This data plan is really wonderful. I have few folks that always give me good feedbacks about the bundle plan. It offers range of data plans. Here, they work on Facebook, WhatsApp, 2go, BBM then Opera (Mini) browser.

The plans are;
2 Weeks : dial *885*2#. It costs N200 at 100MB
Monthly : dial *885*1#. It costs N300 at 250MB

To check balance, dial *885*0#

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Airtel Blackberry Plans

From Airtel, they are tagged “Unlimited Blackberry bundle”. Though their data sizes are 3G and 1GB. The one of 3GB costs N1,500 and the later costs N1,200. Their validities are 1month. I think this might be a good alternatives to aforementioned plans though i have no full trust in Airtel. That is just a personal matter.

To subscribe;

1GB for N1,200 dial *440*4#

3GB for N1,500 dial *440*16#

To check data balance, dial *123*9#

Etisalat 1GB data plan

This plan works in all phones. It has a monthly validity.

To activate, dial *229*2*7#. It costs N1000. To check balance, dial *228#

I hope the information given above are somewhat helpful. This article is majorly for average data users. If you are a heavy data user, you can subscribe to MTN night plan which cost N2500 for 4.5GB.

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