Anonymous hackers leak Trump’s personal information online

Last Updated on March 19, 2016

Following an anonymous hacker threat on the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, earlier this week through their YouTube video. It was meant for Trump to quit his presidential aspiration into the white house.

Few hours ago, the same anonymous team of hacktivist have gone out of their way to threaten Trump and have distributed the acclaimed Trump’s personal information online.

They’ve allegedly posted his home address, social security number, birth certificate and phone numbers onto Pastebin. Pastebin is a site that hackers usually use to distribute information which is stolen from Sony’s film studio, but it’s everywhere now, even Twitter.

Trump’s spokesperson said that the police are seeking to arrest those responsible for the hack, but hasn’t provided any further details. There may also be a connection between

Anonymous and a letter received by Trump’s son, Eric, which has threatened to harm his children if his father continues to contest.

Check out the original Anonymous message here

Source : Anonymous YouTube Video
Via : Frast from Duta News

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