6 WhatsApp Privacy Tricks You Have Never Thought about

WhatsApp has turned out to be a major part of our daily lifestyle when it comes to instant communication just like Facebook. But there’s still a need to moderate certain privacy on WhatsApp for the best experience. We thought about which WhatsApp privacy tricks can change the experiences of it users. These tricks do not […]

Advanced Facebook Security Nobody has ever told you

As a facebooker, our normal routine is checking notifications, reply messages on Messenger, ignore or accept friend requests, like, comments, upload photos and status updates. Other things that happen on the other side is none of our business. Understanding the Advanced Facebook security already requires a first hand knowledge on how security and privacy work […]

Managing over your Privacy on Facebook

Privacy is a personal controlled security. If one intends to have a high priority on privacy, it is a personal choice. Sometimes, these privatizations are somewhat manipulated either by ourselves directly or indirectly which we have discussed in this guide. Facebook has lots of crazy features which most of its users have no idea that […]

Introduction to Facebook Security

As you and I know, Facebook has totally changed the way we connect with people around us and beyond. Someone will get up early in the morning and unconsciously starts his/her day on Facebook. A lot of people sleep very late in the night just because of a mobile app called Facebook. When we talk […]

Where do Facebook Friend suggestions come from? Learn to stop them

Facebook friend suggestions is a way their system helps users to extend who they know on Facebook. There are many forms in which Facebook can show one friend suggestions even when you have no mutual friends in common. The many ways you may see Facebook friend suggestions are Through friends of friends. They are the […]

Why my AliExpress Item is marked as a Gift?

Earlier, we wrote an article on why AliExpress Item Price is not the same when received. This post is almost exact to what we discussed. You may check it out. If you are anxious about why your item is marked as a gift even when you paid for it, then the simple answer is to either […]

Reasons why AliExpress Item Price is not the same when received

One of the annoying and confusing things an AliExpress buyer experiences is fear of being cheated on their item. Most times the AliExpress item price of what was bought is not what was included on the package when they are received. Then the question becomes “What the heck! Was I cheated with the price?”. To […]

WhatsApp Stories – How to block contacts from viewing them

WhatsApp Stories allows one to share beautiful moments either in texts, photos or video formats which is active until 24 hours. At the same time, one can decide to either block or restrict their WhatsApp friends or contacts from viewing their WhatsApp status updates. This feature is quite different from blocking a WhatsApp contact. Restricting […]

How to Stop Receiving Friend Requests from Strangers on Facebook

There are ways one can manipulate and stop receiving friend requests from strangers on Facebook. It is totally doable following our steps in this guide. The tools we are going to use is already on Facebook. It is not a special trick or some nerd stuff. It is a privacy control tool which we will […]

How to stop non Facebook Friends from viewing your posts

To personalizing who sees whatever you share on Facebook, it is also possible to limit strangers or people that are not your Facebook friends from viewing your posts. Facebook does not notify us who views our profile whether they are friends with us or not at anytime. In this case, we are not going to […]