How to fix You received a message but your version of WhatsApp doesn’t support it.

Whenever you receive this warning message on WhatsApp – You received a message but your version of WhatsApp doesn’t support it. Update your WhatsApp, it means you should one thing. As WhatsApp keeps releasing new features to its platform, those new features requires that your own WhatsApp must be up to date before it can […]

How to Send WhatsApp Disappearing Messages on iOS and Android.

With the new WhatsApp disappearing messages feature, you can now send messages that disappear after seven days when enabled. This very feature only works on any contact you decide to enable disappearing messages – There is no dedicated WhatsApp privacy setting that will allow all your WhatsApp messages to start disappearing every seven days. This […]

How to search Old Facebook Posts on your Timeline

If you are looking for a way on how you can search Facebook old posts, then this article is for you. The old Facebook posts could be the posts you wrote years or few months ago. it could be a photo caption, friend’s posts you shared, birthday wishes or what your friend posted on your […]

COVID-19: Can I import goods from China amid Coronavirus?

UPDATED: Covid-19 has no health impact on mini importation in Nigeria. You’re very free to start importation. It is not the time to fret rather be precautionary. For the past few days, China has recorded no new cases of Coronavirus except in a likely situation of imported cases. Now, businesses in China are open. Most […]

How to change Snapchat Birthday or Age 2020

To change Snapchat birthday or age,  this short guide will walk you through. Changing your Snapchat birthday date means that you want to change when birthday charms will be available to your Snapchat friends. Follow the steps below to change Snapchat age or birthday. Open / Launch Snapchat Tap on your profile photo like you […]

How to change nickname on Snapchat 2020

Whatever you decide to change on Snapchat – whether to change Snapchat username or screen name or display name,  this short guide will walk you through. On Snapchat, the only thing you can change is the nickname or screen name. It is impossible to change the username one uses to login. Here’s the fact. A […]

How to Change Tinder Name to Nickname or any name

On our recent post, we wrote a simple guide about How to change Tinder Age in 60 seconds. Now in this post, you will also learn how to change Tinder name to any personalized name of your choice. Before you continue, you may need to understand few things about Tinder and Facebook login integration. If your […]

How to change Tinder Age in 60 seconds – A very simple guide in 2020

In this guide, you will learn the simple guide on how to change Tinder age to any age of your choice. This is essential for Tinder profiles with wrong age on their bio. Please note that changing of Tinder age without losing one’s Tinder matches or bio details only works with profiles that were signed […]

WhatsApp Contacts not showing or Seeing numbers instead of contacts’ names

If your WhatsApp conversation screen shows only your contacts numbers instead of their names, then there are three reasons that your WhatsApp contacts not showing their names. Reasons why WhatsApp contacts not showing WhatsApp Beta program Contact permission Failed  sync 1. WhatsApp Beta program WhatsApp beta program allows users to receive recent updates first before […]

How to boost Spotify Album Plays to gain popularity

Spotify, a music platform which has proven its relevance down the years in creating exposure for upcoming and established artists With the surge in the popularity of Spotify, millions of monthly active listeners keep growing exponentially. This has made Spotify remains in the forefront among its equals. To boost the reputation of your album on […]