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Ofia Super Bass : A sensational affordable earphone for you

An affiliate marketer can coin up favorable reviews on his demanding product whether it truly satisfies the claims or not. Akin to that, Ofia Super Bass earphone is neither a sponsored item nor affiliate product – It’s a testimonial claim. Ofia Super Bass earphone is an affordable earphone  that gives you the listening pleasure you […]

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Affordable Android phones you could buy before the end of 2016’s first quarter

Android can be the number one operating system for mobile phones as a result of the greater percentage it has shared in mobile phone manufacturers. Android’s open source platform has offered mobile industries to exploit opportunity to manufacturing tons of mobile phone brands. Today you could see Android phone brand you never knew it existed. This […]

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Infinix Hot 3 X554 Specifications

Infinix Hot 3 is a smartphone that helps you stay connected and comes with brilliant features. The battery is long lasting which means you can always be on the go and achieve more. A brilliant 8MP camera, 16GB internal storage and a fast quad core processor all ensure that you enjoy using this smartphone. The […]

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How to boost your Android phone from running slowly, hanging, freezing and unexpected stop

Here is our collective guide on boosting your phone from these related issues. Though these issues are common to Android users and you are expected to notice either of them overtime. Useful tips to speed up your phone to running fast Your smartphone was meant to be fast in the first place when you bought it. […]

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[Solutions] My WiFi keeps turning on by itself

Image/ Freepik Automatic switching on of wifi is quite horrible and worrisome. I guess you might have experienced this issue or you might have a friend who has. It is a general and a known issue to the end users of Android operating system which is you and I. There might be some hopes to […]

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What should I Consider Before Buying a MediaTek smartphone

Nowadays as technology hovers in every corner of our lifestyles, we also focus to engage in their core significance to us. I could remember when i had a Sony java phone in early 2008, mobile phones were too sophisticated to be delt with. I used to buy a mobile phone DIY series from Engineer Aliogo. […]

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The New Infinix Big 6 Rumor

I strongly believed that Infinix Mobile has gained popularity this year from their Note series and Zero series (Infinix Zero, Infinix Hot Notes). And i could also recall how Nigerian girls love these phones by the way they sell in the market. Everybody loves Infinix! Now, early this month, rumors has it regarding an Android […]

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Infinix Hot Note 2 Review