Blogging 101 : What to know before starting a blog

Last Updated on November 12, 2015

Thinking that you would like to start a blog this year? or Linda Ikeji makes money blogging and you wish to make yours? or your friends have a blog? or you thought blogging is the fastest way to make money online.
Then read this

Some important things you need to know before starting a blog are discussed in this post.

Motive of Blogging

This is usually the first consideration towards creating a blog. Creating a blog comes from your desire from the things you enjoy most. Do not embark on blogging because your friends are bloggers. One need to have a motive in creating blogs.

Develop a Niche

A niche can be an area of concentration. Think about what interests you so much about your new blog. What do you like reading? Find some way to differentiate yourself while still focusing on the subjects that interest you the most. If you lack passion for any of your posts, it will show in your writing and will turn off readers.

Delving into multiple niches will make you loose concentration, sometimes you lack novelty in your posts ie. everything keeps rotating incoherently.

Content Planning

Then think about how you can express your interest the most effective way. Think about the types of posts you’d like to write. That can be lists, interviews, reviews, features, videos, etc. Keep those in mind when it comes time to layout your content schedule.

Having a content schedule helps build loyal readership. If you write about specific things on specific days, readers will know when to come back. Readers will also take you more seriously if you have a plan behind the blog. A content plan keeps people coming back for more, especially with Niche Blogs.

Good Habits

A content plan also helps to create good blogging habits. To maintain a successful niche blog community, you need to regularly update your blog (and not just with blog posts), respond to comments and overall monitor the site. You’ll create a production state of mind – meaning that you’ll get in the habit of writing a post a day.

Readers at Utmost Priority

Try and capture the minds of your readers. Let your post be intuitive enough in a simpler sentences. Less of vocabulary.

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  1. Thumbs Up boss. You are showing us the way, though we wanna buy mansions just like Linda Ikegi soonest. Am learning

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