Cashgranted Review – 100% Real, Fake or Scam? Everything you need

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Making money online has been seen by many as a mere rocket science. It just happens like magic. From our experiments, we have compiled a Cashgranted review to clear your doubt whether it is real or mere scam.

Cashgranted as claimed on its website as a “free, advert-enabled funds-granting platform that grants between N20,000 to N70,000 to 1,000 people every week.

That really sound too good to be true. One might be thinking that it’s another version of get rich scheme like Ponzi scheme as in the days of MMM, ultimate cycler etc. Your guess was ours too.

As you already know how Cashgranted works.

  • You register on its website,
  • Request for fund between N20, 000 to N70, 000
  • Share your fund request link to get recommendation from your family and friends
  • Once your recommendation is at least 6, you will be able to recommend other people’s request which is optional.

The goal is for you to be among the weekly 1000 requester with maximum number of recommendations. If you’re able to beat this, your account will be deposited with your requested fund.

How does CashGranted make money to pay 1000 people weekly?

CashGranted claims on its website that it generates revenue by displaying adverts to people and their friends. It is from the revenue generated by those adverts they provide funds to their requester.

Are you satisfied with this claim? We are not. From what it look like, CashGranted pays you for referring people to their website and viewing their adverts. They are so generous!

Here’s our CashGranted Review : Real or Fake.

Cashgranted Review


Fund raising giants like Crowdfunding and Indiegogo. These platforms allow people to create funding campaigns for free. Investors look for ideas to invest their money and at the same time make money from its returns.

Fundraising platforms gives on the platform to create and share their ideas, their plans and the future of what they need fund to achieve. Investors weigh these ideas and decides to invest by donating some amounts into it. Fundraising owners don’t give them free funds.

There’s a platform called My Ad Daily Share. This platform happened to pay its users for viewing adverts on their websites. Out of 12 daily adverts, they will be credited with $0.6 as a part of their commission. You can view as long as you wish. This same method works in survey websites as well.

In contrast, CashGranted offers to completely pay off its users demanding for funds by themselves alone. If Mike Adenuga declares to be paying N20, 000 to every 1000 persons that reaches 1000 recommendations, do you know much he will be spending? N20, 000,000.00 every 7 days.

Now, when you take a technical look at CashGranted website, you will observe that the domain is registered in 2008. But checking the traffics from shows that started to evolve from July which means the beginning of its campaign.

Still on the website, the only legal document is the privacy policy which is not too different from a sample privacy policy one can edit and upload. It is true that Nigerians are so much in need of money to help themselves.

If this CashGranted is real, I bet you it will take less than 30 days before it gets down. That’s what happens to MMM users. It is more tempting to get funds free without being charged. Who still run that type of 21st charity organization?

There would be enormous number of Nigerians including someone we know that will never have sleepless nights sharing recommendation links just to be among the list of the lucky 1000 people. They can even recommend themselves more than 800 times as long as the limit is moving.

But considering the threshold of 1000 recommendations. How is it even possible to achieve that as a single person? If I had 300 WhatsApp contacts of which I know that 70% of them will never click on my recommendation link. The remaining 30% that clicked will eventually drop to 5% that will recommend me.

That’s a terrible mission impossible 8. On our experiments, we had about 600 recommendations but we couldn’t be listed as a result of not hitting the threshold. 600 was a terrible stress for us because we involved a lot of people to help us even in WhatsApp groups.

Coming back to how they actually pay people, it is obvious that the advertisers on their website is not even Google. Taking Nigeria as a case study, you found out that Nigeria has a very poor Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) and Cost per click (CPC).

This means that even if i were able to get 1000 people to view the adverts on their websites, the chances is that they won’t be able to earn that much talk more of paying 1000 people.

Lets say

  • CPM for the 7 days is $0.05,
  • CPC for the 7 days is $0.15

If my 1000 unique recommendations earn 0.05 x 1000 = $50

Lets say that 500 people out of my 1000 persons clicked on the adverts.

It becomes 0.15 x 500 = $75.

Calculating what I have earned for the 7 days is now

$75 + $50 = $125.

I earned $125 for bringing 1000 persons to this website which is about $125 x N360 = N45,000.

If I requested for N60, 000 ,it means that I have to repeat my hustles until i made it. So, how much are they going to take. Is it entirely free?

If you could do your maths well, you will know average 1000 persons every week. It’s simply unpractical to get 1000 persons to click on your link even if you use Facebook adverts. People are now too scared to click links.

It is not in our decision to judge from our CashGranted review. But one thing you must keep for yourself is being very careful with important personal details you submit online.

There a lot of internet businesses to do and make money but they are not too simple to start with.

Final CashGranted Review

If you must try this platform, you have to find out if it is actually real or scam as we have seen over the years.

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