How to create 360 cover photo on Facebook

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Now you can create 360 cover photo on your Facebook profile. Facebook has extended it 360 photo so that one can share beautiful moments to friends and public. Your Facebook mobile app must be updated to support this feature.

If you have a GoPro or any other 360 camera, then this will be very possible. All you need to do is to convert the video to mp4 format. But for Android smartphone users, you can use Google Street View or Panorama 360 from Play store.

Steps to create 360 Facebook cover photo

  1.  Panorama 360

    After installing the app, tap to open it & tap on the camera icon. Make sure you hold your device in upright position and then tap START. When a view is taken, follow the pointer to capture another view. Continue this rotation untill you fall back to your initial view.

    What next? Wait for your static views to be stitched to form a panorama. After stitching, open your Facebook mobile app and click the cover photo option to upload new photo

  2. Google Street View

    Install Google Street view on Play Store. Tap on the floating camera icon and choose Camera. You have to follow the orange circles to map your location. You have to be adjusting your device in a 360 rotation to match those view points.

    Your panorama photos will be ready for stitching once your points are matched. You can still terminate 360 view and save your current views. Open your Facebook mobile app and click the cover photo option to upload new photo.

For a perfect 360 cover photo, do not turn around so fast, follow the points to mark a uniform stitch. You may read about 360 and Panorama photos here

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