Differences between Deactivating and Deleting Facebook Account

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Deactivating one’s Facebook account has sometime been regarded as deleting Facebook account but they are entirely different. We have explained their differences in this article.

You may need to check our previous articles on how to permanently delete Facebook account and how to deactivate Facebook account after you must have learnt their differences.

Deactivating Facebook account.

Deactivate Facebook account
Deactivate Facebook account / ChuksGuide


To deactivate a Facebook account is a temporary form of taking a break. Your Facebook account is still right there for you until you come back from Facebook break.

While being on Facebook break, your Facebook friends won’t be able to see you on Facebook even when they search your name on their friend list. But you’re still their friends on Facebook but it is hidden to them.

Although, you can still use Messenger while on Facebook break – deactivated Facebook account. As Messenger is a separate part of Facebook, you can chat with your friends on Facebook but they won’t be able to view your profile on Facebook.

You can perform every Messenger activities like;

  1. Send, receive chats,
  2. Make and receive voice and video calls,
  3. You will be seen as active by your friends,
  4. Add Messenger Stories,
  5. Add Messenger contacts, block and ignore contacts.

Deleting Facebook Account

Permanently Delete Facebook Account
Permanently delete Facebook account / ChuksGuide


Deleting one’s Facebook account is a different action. To delete your account shows that you’re no longer interested to using Facebook even in the near future.

This means that all your information on Facebook including photos, status updates, shared links, friends, groups, pages will be wiped off within an interval of 15 to 90 days.

Remember that you can’t regain access to your account once it’s deleted. But if you login to your account within this period of delay and account deletion process, the account deletion will be cancelled.

During the deletion, your information on Facebook including photos, status updates, pages, groups and your profile won’t be accessible to your Facebook friends. Your friends will receive an error message when they try to access your Facebook data.

Unlike on deactivating Facebook account where you can perform activities on Messenger, but as you delete your account you will no longer have access to them. Although your friends may still have the old conversations but they can’t send a new message.

To deactivate Facebook account, follow this link

To permanently delete Facebook account, follow this link

Hope you were able to find the differences between deactivating account and deleting Facebook account.

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