How to identify Facebook Sports Betting Scammers

How to identify Facebook Sports Betting Scammers

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Two things are absolutely true! – One can make a lot of money on Facebook legally and illegally and Fixed matches also exist but they are not common to ordinary people.

But, what justifies everything is how you play your game. Lots of Facebook users are scammed in one way or they other. This is usually the case of get rich Fan pages, group and most times Fake Facebook accounts.

In this post, I have shared how you can quickly identify Facebook sports betting scammers before you get scammed. This will be an eye opener against tomorrow. I may have hide some links which are not preferably suitable for your view. I wouldn’t want you to try that on some people. Pardon me!

How Facebook scamming starts

Generally, scams are outcome of smart approaches on others. There are lots of it on Facebook but I chose to discuss sports betting scams because it appears too common on Facebook nowadays. People are at the same time falling for it.

This is as a result their so called odds are quite huge when uploaded. They start by gaining people’s interest and trusts by posting few fixed matches. These free matches always come once in a blue moon because they are not common to come by.

Of course, these guys know other guys that might know when fixed matches are ready and reliable to instill trusts on people. They have more than ten fake Facebook accounts for this purpose. These fake Facebook accounts can be generated in less than 10 minutes with fake emails and sometimes automated fake Facebook friend request scripts.

They can also generate random likes and comments on the course to wow people. On Facebook, many likes means that people really like what you posted. Nobody cares to check who really likes the post. You can check my earlier post on how to generate up to 5000 likes on Facebook posts.

When reliable betting odds are available, they send them either to their promoted pages or personal fake accounts. When about 1000 users won on the free odds, they are going to come back tomorrow for any amount.

Next time won’t be for free. Since they spent on getting the odds and also on Facebook ads, it is their time to get back their money in multiple folds. If you won $1000 using $50 stake, won’t you spend $500 to get $10,000? After all you have recovered your initial $50.

Ways to identify Facebook Sports Betting Scammers

I won’t mention any Sports betting fan page but you should be able to know whenever you come them. On pages, they usually ban any negative comments. I had someone who went through this scenario.

For personal accounts, people promote their betting business using a fake personal Facebook account. These are what you may find out;

  1. They always repeat every post
  2. They claim to have VIP members
  3. Only good comments
  4. Less profile details which usually include a profile photo and sometimes cover photo
  5. Few friends less
  6. Friends have no activity except testimony from games
  7. Comments are usually followed in sequence i.e Commenters immediately comment after the other commenters. This is a sign that the accounts are also fake. You can visit the profiles of the commenters to find out when the account was created, number of friends, how often they post and number of photos.
  8. They also claim that scammers are using their names to scam other. It is obviously that they did that to increase people’s interests.
  9. They also post won tickets. Everything is possible.
  10. Odds are too big for a match

The question is, if one could find odds that can generate lots of money for him, why would these Facebook sports betting scammers invest all their money and enjoy alone? This is not like affiliate marketing where one has to persuade other to make sales.

If they have got the winning odds, their families, friends won’t let those winning odd sneak out of their roof.

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