Facebuck – Facebook Alternative for Blackberry BB10

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

First published on June, 2016 
Last updated March, 2017
If you are a BB10 user, you should be aware that Facebook has limited it mobile app to web based platform. Though, there has been many alternatives to Facebook like Face10. You should be relieved to know that on 11th May, Face10 developer, Nemory Oliver, released another app called Facebuck for Facebook.
According to Facebuck description, “It is not a replacement to the Face10 App, rather an alternative to those who want a different look and feel of Facebook as well as an alternative for other specific features. Face10 is still superior with it’s 100% Native Functionality and has Headless Hub Integrated Notifications. But Facebuck is also superior in other areas like it’s capability of letting you save to as much as 70% of your data and more”.

Below are some features of Facebuck.

  • Ultra Fast & Data Savings Mode
  • Built in Messenger/Chat
  • Send/Comment with Stickers
  • Send and Receive Photos
  • Manage and Post to your Pages/Groups
  • View Replies of a Comment
  • Customize Color Schemes
  • Pages Manager
  • See who’s online to Chat
  • Find Friends
  • Close Friends and more
Facebuck Blackberry BB10
Facebuck Blackberry BB10

You can download a free copy of Facebuck for Facebook from Blackberry World. There is also an in-app purchase to upgrade to the Pro version.
SOURCE  Nemory | Blackberry World
VIA  CrackBerry

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