How to get Airtime for data and calls on any network for free with Zoto

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

zoto airtime recharge bonus 1000

Have you though this could be possible? Yes! you can get thousands of airtime for either data bundles or call on any network for just FREE.

How is this free airtime for data and calls possible with Zoto?

Zoto is a mobile airtime recharge app same way as WhatsCall (gives free credit for internet calls to every mobile number) but it is more secure , fast and robust. It is available on Google Play and App Store for iOS. Zoto allows you to recharge any Network for yourself, friends and family in Nigeria in just few clicks.

You don’t have to worry about your personal details since Zoto is a verified app from CBN, encrypted payments and secured for unauthorized manipulation.

Getting your first free 1000 airtime bonus from Zoto 

Just like any other e-payment apps, one buys recharge airtime using Zoto. On ones first recharge, he/she gets extra N1000 bonus adding to the N50 which equals to N1050. ie. You buy N50 to get N1000 just like MTN Beta Talk recharge bonus.

To continue receiving free airtime for data or calls, you have to share your referral code to friends either on Facebook, WhatsApp or sms. Once they identified your referring privilege, you will receive instant N1000 for bring that fellow. It repeats itself up to 50 referral.

I would like you to read what you are going to get from Zoto

  1. You can get up to N15,000 and more for free
  2. You can transfer your earned N15,000 into a mobile recharge to any network(MTN,GLO,Airtel, Etisalat) as airtime.

Lets continue to getting our first 1000 airtime with Zoto

zoto recharge success

  1. Download Zoto app from Play Store
  2. Open app to register your mobile number (It  could be any number). Note: For the “I have referal code option”, you have to enter any referral code of your friend who introduced you to Zoto app. If I am the first person to refer you to Zoto, you may enter NELSOC21. I will get N1000 as well as you.
  3. Then wait until you receive OTP from zoto
  4. Enter your received 4 digit OTP to verify you
  5. Now proceed to make your first recharge. We will buy a recharge airtime of N50 to get a N1000 bonus
  6. Enter 50 beside the Naira symbol and tap Proceed. Don’t mind mobile number and network for now.
  7. Make sure Use ZotoCash is inactive, then tap SECURELY PAY N50
  8. If a message like this format “Congrats! a special 100%….” appears, tap “No. I don’t need extra cashback”
  9. Now tap “Enter New Card Number”. Follow other card options.Your CVC is that three numbers at the back of your ATM card.
  10. To create PIN, enter any memorable 4 digit PIN and proceed. If you are using a MasterCard, choose “SOFT TOKEN OPTION” to generate token from your bank. That is why Zoto is secured.
  11. You should now see “Your recharge was succesful” else you either get “Sorry, we could not deduct money from your bank or insufficient fund”. 

Transferring your first N1000 to your mobile number as airtime

  1. Exit and open Zoto again
  2. Enter your mobile number inside the textbox, choose what network, enter 1000
  3. Then tap PROCEED
  4. Make sure “Use ZotoCash” is ticked.
  5. Tap “Pay with ZotoCash N1000”
  6. Your recharge should now be successful.

For your referral bonus to enter, you have to wait for about 20 minutes before it could be processed.

In other to register a friend, family and such; make sure you used their phones or fresh phones. Zoto will detect whenever you try to use your phone. To access your Zoto referral code, open Menu -> Invite & Earn.

Download Zoto app

This would be my first promotional review on any app requiring online payment; so you should take it as a trusted post.


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