How to not get banned on Tinder – A hidden exposed secret!

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

If you are still confused why you get banned on Tinder, it is a time that you just over it and start working how not to get banned on your new account.

As you create your new Tinder account, defining your very own reason for joining Tinder is the first step not to get banned on Tinder.

Tinder cant login

It will help you on crafting your profile to attract the perfect matches for you and getting rids of nonsense that might cause harm to your account.

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So, you have to decide what you need on Tinder. If you just got out from a failed relationship, you don’t need to be too personal with your profile and how you think other folks out there are because of your past experiences with your ex.

Don’t rant. The more you rant, the faster you get kicked out of Tinder.


Here are things to avoid in your bio.

  1. Being too subjective
  2. Don’t be aggressive in who you don’t need to swipe to your profile so that you don’t sound like a terrible person.Here are examples: “Don’t swipe right if you are ugly, fat or skinny”. “I’m not Bill Gate that runs a charity organization, don’t come begging”
  3. Avoid being too selective.
  4. It is pretty to be weird in your bio but don’t take it too far.

When you do, a lot of pained people will report your profile and that’s where Tinder messes with you.

One important thing is telling people not to swipe right or else you will unmatch them. It is crazy when people write that on their bio. Even when they swipe right on your picture, it doesn’t match them until you swipe right on theirs too.

The quickest way to get kicked off the platform is by sending the wrong or inappropriate message. If you are disrespectful, offensive, disturbing, threatening or rude to another user, Tinder reserve the right to ban you.

If you are repulsive on certain individuals or groups based on ethnicity, cause, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity. This may result in you being permanently banned.

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Don’t be fake instead be real. Don’t be too personal on other people because they don’t reply your messages. They can report you for inappropriateness.

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