How to Hard Reset Tecno H5

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

hard reset tecno p5+ plus

You can say that again, Tecno H5 is an older Tecno Android smartphone just like P5 plus, L2, but i have gotten some needs to write on how to hard reset Tecno H5. I have written earlier on how to hard reset Infinix Hot 3 X554, hard reset Tecno W4 and Tecno Camon C8 should you need to read about them. In those posts, I mentioned reasons one would hard reset ones smartphone.

Today, I have added extra reasons why you hard reset Tecno H5 or other Android smartphones

Although, i have written guides on some of these issues above; When apps downloads by itselfphone begin to hangfree internal memory.

As you can see, the same procedure works with hard resetting Tecno P5 plus, L2. If your Tecno H5 begins to hide current call history, continuous music during incoming call and airtime status check, then you need to hard reset it.

How to Hard Reset Tecno H5

hard reset tecno p5+ plus
Choosing boot mode ©ChuksGuide

Hard resetting Tecno H5 Plus is not straight forward unlike other earlier Tecno brands. You have to go through some two steps before entering recovery mode just like downloading mode in Samsung phones.

Please, Make sure that your battery is charged at least 40% depending on how your battery discharges. Your installed apps, accounts, primary files, games, phone contacts, messages, call logs and other files stored in your internal memory will be lost after this process. Learn how to backup your contacts, call logs, messages before hard reset.

Steps to Factory resetting Tecno H5

  1. Shut down your device
  2. Hold and press volume up button together with power button until boot mode appears. PS: Make sure you first hold down the volume up button before the power button to avoid normal booting.
  3. Press the volume up button to navigation the Recovery Mode. Here is the list of boot modes in Tecno H5
    • [Normal Boot]
    • [Recovery Mode]
    • [Fastboot Mode]

      hard reset tecno p5+ plus
      Dead Android logo ©ChuksGuide

  4. Press the power button to choose the selected boot mode, Recovery mode. If power button fails for you, use volume down button.
  5. Press the Power button to exit the dead Android logo no command to enter Android system recovery mode
  6. Press the volume down button to select Wipe data/factory reset
  7. Press the volume up button to choose the selected “wipe data/factory reset option
  8. From the confirmation options, select and choose “Yes — delete all user data”
  9. After data have been wiped, press “reboot system now”.

Your device should be as good as before. If your Wi-Fi or data continue to turn on automatically, then you should consider ROM replacement. This requires the expertise of a mobile phone technician around you.

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