Simple and Effective way to host and create a free website on Android

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

host and create a free website

Android has been making life easier with its numerous apps that do the work of a PC. It is not new to perform amazing things one could never thought an ordinary phone can do. Not only that you can host and create a free website on your Android device be it Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, itel, or otherwise but you can also do stuffs like creating a mobile app, running your desired Linux distro, writing, compiling and running programs on C++, setting up and running a web server (Apache) and database (MySQL) for PHP scripts, playing around with HTML and CSS on your browser etc just on your mobile phone.

Today, we are going to host and create a free website on your Android with Jimdo. Jimdo is an Android app that lets you create a free website from its customizable free designs. With Jimdo, you will be given a free sub domain ( You are not going to get a free custom domain like instead your website name will be suffixed with It now becomes  Hey I apologize for using big terms here but not to worry it is so simply as typing a chat. You don’t need to be a computer science student to do this, no programming knowledge is required as long as you know how to type with your keyboard.

Why should you even create a free website with Jimdo Website Builder?

As a small scale business person, artist, you need a website as an online presence to what you offer. I can as well create a personal profile with this free website creator because I want to appear on Google when someone searches my name. It adds advantages among your peers. It is free for a lifetime. You can edit your website wherever you go.
We will be using as our domain name in this guide. You can visit this our new website later for our final result.
  • Android phone from version 4.1 to later version
  • Jimdo. Learn about Jimdo and its features
  • Your website name and what to create
  • Readiness to explore

Creating a free website with Jimdo

  1. Download and install Jimdo
  2. Open Jimdo app
  3. Click on “CREATE A WEBSITE”
  4. Choose a design. I chose “Riga”. Tap on the mark icon above to continue
  5. Now enter your new website address or domain. From the image, I have chosen Try and make it short.
  6. Enter your valid email in other to authorize your sign up with Jimdo.
  7. Choose a password and tap “CREATE ACCOUNT”. Then wait for your website to be created. It will take few seconds.
host and create a free website
Your website is ready. You should see this page after step 7. You can even view your new website on your browser.

Editing and customizing your website with Jimdo

Depending on what design you chose, you can simply customize your pages. Here, it includes page navigation menu, pages, blog posts etc

Editing your main page

Your main page or index page is the first page that opens whenever you visit a website. You should already be on your homepage now. Tap on the three stacked horizontal icons at the top left to view your navigation. Select Home to start editing.
host and create a free website
Our sample page has 5 editable contents
  1. Header title
  2. Sub header tagline
  3. Featured image
  4. Tile Heading and
  5. Page Content
To edit any of the following, just tap on it. Delete and replace them with your own content. There  are three heading options here. 
  1. Large – H1
  2. Medium – H2
  3. Small – H3
Use Large for your Header title, Medium for your sub heading tagline and small for title heading. To change featured image, tap on it to choose a different image from your local storage. You can add options like captions, click action, photo editing with effects, enhancement and more. When editing your content, you can add text formatting like bold, italics, link and un-linking and text alignments.
To add more editing options, tap on the + icon.
Take a look at mine below.
host and create a free website
host and create a free website

Creating and editing web pages with Jimdo

Tap on the three stacked horizontal icons at the top left to view your navigation. Tap on the + icon to add a new page. This page will be added automatically in your navigation menu. To edit pages, tap on the pencil icon on navigation to toggle edit mode.
host and create a free website
host and create a free website
To edit other pages, follow the same format on editing main page. At the end of the day, your final result should look more like this. You can now visit your new website using your web browser. Jimdo offers share button.
host and create a free website
I tried all I could to shorten this guide. Feel free to complain where necessary. Remember
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