How I could have hacked all Facebook accounts

Last Updated on March 9, 2016

Anand Prakash, a white▫ hat hacker from Bengaluru, has been awarded $15,000 for finding a bug in Facebook’s login system. If exploited, it could let hackers access a user’s account and other details including debit/credit card details. Prakash works as a security analyst. He said that FB acknowledged the issue quickly and fixed it.

He sent the report on 22 Feb and received an email about the reward on 2nd March. Facebook and others run bounty programmes to encourage ethical hackers to try & crack their security code. This helps them identify vulnerabilities in the system before any serious damage can be done.

Around 210 hackers were paid $936,000 by FB for finding bugs in 2015. Prakash has earned over $150,000 by finding such bugs and has reported over 80 bugs to Facebook alone. He was ranked #4 globally by Facebook for finding the most bugs in 2015.

Check out Anand’s blog here:


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