How Long Will It Take Hackers to crack your Password? Find out

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

How Long Will It Take Hackers to crack your Password

Yes! It is a common truth that choosing passwords depend on few words like dictionary words, numbers or letter we are familiar with. For instance, nkechilove, your mobile phone passcode or someone’s mobile phone number. During registration on some websites like Yahoo, Facebook, you might be prompted to choose password that has strong strength before you can proceed. So password is no more like something you can combine with your name and birth date as long as retaining privacy and security are concerned unlike our earlier practices.


Ever wondered how secure your password really is? How long it would take someone to break into your email, Facebook, or other sensitive materials that are online. There has been huge statistics of hackers deed on some personal social profiles since 2015. Now, have you ever wondered why your friend’s Facebook was hacked? Some hackers sniff through your personal information through your social names, email and even phone numbers. Your password strength determines how someone much work it would take someone to manipulate on your password. If you have something like “cynthia91”, from algorithmic calculation, it might take the bad guys at most 10 hours to crack it through their combination of similar words relating to your profile details. These attempts made to crack someone’s password is technically referred to as brute-force attack.


Time required to brute-force a password is dependent on the password strength. So choosing passwords for your social profiles or admin login page now rely on your own combination of characters which are usually alphanumeric. It’s important to vary your passwords with numerical, uppercase, lowercase and special characters to make the number of possibilities much, much greater. The larger more obscure the password the greater the curve of time and processing power it will take to crack it. Click here to generate password



There are free web tools that can quickly analyze the strength of our passwords. What you need to do is generate a strong password from this link or better still check how secure your existing password is. Here are lists of free web tool that check how much time it will take hackers through their brute-force computer  to crack your password.


You can click on any of the listed links to estimate the strength and how long it would take hackers to crack your password. From this, you can adjust the strength of your password.

How Long Will It Take Hackers to crack your Password

From the image above, i entered “cynthia91” as the password  but it returned that it could take one week for a brute-force computer to crack my password “cynthia91”. Try entering something alpha-numeric , Uppercase and Lowercase and guess the magnificent result.

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