How to boost your Android phone from running slowly, hanging, freezing and unexpected stop

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Here is our collective guide on boosting your phone from these related issues. Though these issues are common to Android users and you are expected to notice either of them overtime.

Useful tips to speed up your phone to running fast

Your smartphone was meant to be fast in the first place when you bought it. But it started running slowly couple of months later. Not to worry in in-depth because the below tips will help speed up your phone.


The first thing to do is to identify the source of the problem. In Infinix and iTel phones, whenever the memory becomes less in allowing app installations, it pops out complaining of low memory storage which is one of the major issues why your phone hangs. Below are some of the key issues to identify

1. Insufficient internal installation storage
2. Accumulated RAM
3. Low storage capacity and Junk files
4. Cached memory
6. Too many installed unused apps

Insufficient internal installation storage

Internal installation storage is the memory allocation that allows you to install varieties of apps and games in your mobile device. It can be found within “Apps under settings” when you switch over to “Download” tab. ie. Settings > Apps > Downloaded. It is labelled “Internal storage” together with the used and available memory counter.

For your phone to run smoothly, you needed to have 10% free internal storage. Lets say you have 2GB of storage, you should have 100MB free out of 2GB. When this is not the case, your phone begins to hang and slow. To control this, all you need to do is to uninstall non frequently used apps. You could as well increase your internal storage in our next post.

Accumulated RAM

RAM control series of activities for some moment. How fast your phone runs is being determined by the size of its RAM and this brings us to multitasking. If you are the type that tweets, facebook, whatsapp, snapchat, play game at the same time then you need to consider the capacity of your RAM. If your phone always hangs, then the first thing to do is to clear your running apps. This will terminate any active activity.

Here is how to clear your running apps. Tap and hold on your device minimize button, from the pop up window, tap on any icon below to clear both recently used and active activity. But there are some effective ways of doing this. You can install a third party app from the Play store. Some apps are dedicated to freeing your phone to maximizing their performance. Even some launchers ,like Apus, CM launchers, have adopted that. They now have memory cleaner. You can install Clean master (FREE), Smoptmizer, Du Speed Booster (FREE), CCleaner (FREE)

To determine your RAM capacity, simply settings > Apps > Slide to “Running tab”.

Low storage capacity and junk files

If your internal storage or external storage (Memory card) becomes full or less to store your personal files, it starts to hang your phone. Why? Some of your apps requires to write on your default storage when running some activity. You may take a look at your phone’s internal storage or your memory card, you could now see how folders that you never created just keep multiplying. And this is a typical example. Some of these apps write some data on these folders.

To free up your storage, simply delete some unimportant files, watched videos or even large files. Some of these folders contain junk files. These junk files are used files that are left once their activities end or files that are no longer needed especially when you uninstalled the apps making use of them. They will abandon these files they created. You can use Clean master to clean these junk files

Cached Memory

A Cache is a temporary memory where app developers store data of their apps. Cache takes portions of your device internal installation memory. The intent is whenever you access that very app, the data from the cache files will be used to load your previous settings and activity without starting all over again. Every single installed app has a cache memory and whenever they become too complex, it becomes buggy. So clearing up your cache releases some space, fixes misbehaving apps, fixes crashes usually unexpected stop and boost performance.

It is a good practice to clear your apps cache. There are many ways to clear cache but the simplest and most recommended is using tools like CCleaner, Clean master etc. If you are geeky in Android, you can clean your app cache through Recovery mode.

Too many installed unused apps

If you have less internal storage, less RAM but you like installing too many apps that you less launch, i think you should stop. Some of these apps run in background processes whenever your data is enabled. This makes your device to run slowly.

From this long tips, i think you should have found a help to improving your device performance. If the above fail to work, you can now consider factory reset.

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