How to copy text from WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram… using Universal copy for Android

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Some of the popular social apps have limited the feature of copying user’s contents or post to clipboard. Some of these apps are Instagram, Twitter… WhatsApp allows you to copy a single chat without placing your cursor on where to start or stop.

Though, you can copy text on any of these social networks if you are on desktop. I might infer that their reasons from restricting copy to clipboards can be of this thought

Copying user’s contents/ moment infringes copyright.

Notwithstanding, there are some funny moments you wouldn’t skip sharing. The only way you could do this is through forwarding.

With Universal Copy for Android, you can place a copy of text in your clipboard shared by public users of social networks. It is a free and simple app. There are alternatives for this job but due to the simplicity of Universal copy, we recommend it.

How to use universal copy

  • Download a copy of Universal copy from Google play store
  • Install and open universal copy.
  • Open the social app and make sure that you are on the view of the content you want copy.
  • Swipe down your notification status bar and tap on Universal copy to activate copy mode.
  • Now tap on the screen to select the areas you want to copy

For WhatsApp:

Tap on each chat excluding time stamp. Then click on the edit or copy icon.

universal copy whatsapp

For Twitter and Instagram:

Tap on the area you want to copy, then tap on the edit icon. Here, you can adjust your cursor to select the needed area as in the image below. Then click on the copy icon to place it on your clipboard. You can now proceed to paste.

universal copy twitter instagram

You can repeat this in other social apps or regular apps.

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