How to view recent offline web pages from history using Chrome or Firefox on PC

Last Updated on May 29, 2016

I have tried viewing most pages i saved either with Chrome or Firefox but could not get access to them while offline. I could remember Safari being my favorite web browser for that kind of job __ It saves web pages perfectly for offline usage unlike Chrome and Firefox. Today, you could do the same on Chrome or Firefox browsers once you follow the simple steps.

This feature is yet to be stable in Chrome. It does not work on websites that use Ajax to generate live feeds or updates using like Facebook, YouTube, NetFlix etc. It only work on regular websites that offers information and news reading lists like Google, Wikipedia, ChuksGuide, NairaLand, Vanguard etc. You wouldn’t expect these browsers to show all offline pages of your past histories. They would only show you some saved copies of websites about a half an hour earlier. However, your experience may vary. These browsers stores temporary saved web pages called cache.

How to view recent  offline pages in Chrome

  • Open Chrome and type “chrome://flags/#show-saved-copy” without the quotes in the URL address bar.
  • Under Show Saved Copy Button , select Enable: Primary from the dropdown menu.
  • Click “RESTART NOW” to restart your browser for the feature to take effect.

 view recent offline pages

To view offline version of pages in your history, press CTRL + H, then click on any cached history to view. You should now see chrome’s offline error message along with “Show saved copy” button. Click that button and you will be wowed!!


How to view recent offline pages in FireFox

There is no separate settings in Firefox, just click on the menu “hamburger” icon in the upper right corner of your Firefox browser. Then select Developer > Work Offline. Now Firefox will display the page you want as long as it is in the browser cache.

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