How to gain popularity and increase engagement from Facebook posts

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

gain popularity and increase engagement from Facebook posts
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Gaining popularity and increasing engagement on Facebook is quite a broad course to discuss. Depending on what area of popularity one wishes to gain, it requires few tricks to come by. On the other side, it applies with boosting engagements from Facebook posts.

Understanding the relationships between popularity and engagement on Facebook


Popularity on Facebook is determined by the overall number of friends, followers, active friends and influence. You may have 3000 friends on Facebook, 1000 active friends that aggregately respond to your message and posts. They do what you really want them to do – Like page, share posts, vote for you and more.

That is popularity!

Posts Engagements

Engagements involve reactions you get each time you post on Facebook – Be it photo, text or external links. On Facebook, these reaction could be in form of comments, likes or number of shares. It doesn’t matter what value have those reactions, what matters is the number of it.

Engagement is born of popularity. If you are not popular, it would be hard for someone to reach greater post engagement unless through Facebook Ads which is typical to pages.

Illustration of post engagements using reactions

For Nigerians, post engagement on Facebook has become a mutual and personal affair. Someone would feel embarrassed when ones post receives no post engagement except the single like he/she has made. The other groups would hunt these likes and comments in other friend’s posts.

Notwithstanding, below are few tricks to boost ones popularity and engagements on Facebook

#1 Make friends in your category

Facebook is widely understood by users in multiple occasions. We have our different feeling of what it is, how we use, who uses it and when we use it.

There are people that use Facebook only to post photos, send and receive messages, just to own pages or group, share affiliate links, create churches and more. So finding who suits your category is the first option – He/she will find the option to appreciate his/her related view through you.

How do I find friends in my category?

The answer is what defines your image. Your profile picture brings people in your category to send you friend requests. You could look smart, half naked, wretched and otherwise. They will find you. Remember: birds of a feather flock together…

I once used my church uniform as my profile picture, I received more than 20 new friend requests. I was able to get more than 1000 new friends within one month. I had to change profile picture since my audience was deviating from Nigeria.

#2 React on friends posts

For the sake of boosting engagements on your posts, react on friends posts. It could be likes or comments. I have studies how they come about this. LMS, Blow my wall, Visit my wall, Show my profile picture some love – these are one of the things they use to boost engagements on their posts. They get hundreds of likes and comments.

These type of popularity and engagements are mostly seen around teenagers on Facebook. Their effects on personal growth are not recommendable for adults. It is luxury life of Facebook. Check the next tip for useful resource.

When you like or comment on others posts, they will find the same reason to do so.

#3 Post meaningfully to influence reactions

Since Facebook is a community of friends and public, one is being identified by what he/she shares with others. You can be more popular from values you convert into posts. I would advice adults to embrace popularity with influence because it adds hidden respect from friends.

Post credible and convincing things that will draw engagements freely to your posts. Facebook added reactions to define emotions on posts- wow, love, sad, angry really show how deep your post has come to be unlike conventional like button one can close eyes to press.

#4 Be jovial sometimes

Do not be so strict in your posts every time. Let your friends know that you have that sense of humour. Don’t let them to be scared or afraid to approach you. Comment on their posts no matter how odd they look. Tweak yours to suit theirs.

#5 Optimize posting interval

I have particular types of friends that posts more than five times in a single day as if they work as PR at Punch Newspaper lol. You have group of people as friends, not everybody likes his/her feeds to be filtered with only yours like you paid for that space. Try to reduce how often you make posts.

Making too many posts will put some of your friends into dilemma – which of these posts do i comment on?, if I like/comment on all these post, he/she will think that I have some special considerations, he/she likes to showcase.

Why not make it minimal. I apparently don’t post more than twice per day. I’m not consistent in some cases.

#6 Like / comment on your older posts over again

I liked a post I made in 2012 because i never thought i would come across across it so quickly if not for Facebook memory. I received twice the reaction I had earlier.

I also have a friend that it works for me. He would like on those posts over again. It makes those posts visible for your friends again.

You may be wondering why I never mentioned tagging friends to ones posts. It works but I wouldn’t want to fall into one’s privacy. These tips have been natural. I hope you will find it useful.

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