How to increase Facebook Page Likes and followers

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Before you continue, bear in mind that we are discussing how one can increase Facebook Page likes and followers organically without using any Facebook bot. Our article is a manual and white hat tricks to grow one’s Facebook followers.

Growing an increased Facebook was not achieved so easily owing to the way Facebook works – less organic reach despite the number of followers your Facebook has.

In our list, we have listed five strategies to increase Facebook Page Likes and followers.

They are not going to work like a magic overnight unlike what happens when someone uses Facebook Page bot to grow massive non targeted followers that always drop as day go.

These tricks don’t just increase one’s Facebook Page likes, the followers are 100% targeted to your own niche.

1. Use Invite All Friends feature on Page

invite all your friends to like your page

This tool lets one invite all their Facebook friends to like and follow their page. As we know, less than 40% of Facebook friends neither react nor bother to accept your Page invitation. Some will view your page and intentionally refuse to just hit LIKE button with reasons best known to them.

Learn how to invite all Facebook friends to page

But we are not going to discuss about them. Their refusal to like and follow your page is what makes your page invitation 100% organic. Anyone that accepts your page invitation and finally follows your page either wants to reciprocate your relationship or really interested on your new page.

They are eager to see the first thing you would share on the page so that they can engage on them. These are the people that you need on your page and not dormant thousands of crappy followers that didn’t know when they followed your page.

2. Assign Admin role to your family and close friends

Facebook page roles

Admin role? Yes Admin role. Admin role on Facebook page indicates who manages and run the background work on one’s Facebook Page. Admin are like the executive posts on your Alumni with roles as Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, PRO etc. The same thing applies on Facebook Page as Admin, Editor, Advertiser.

So, How does assigning Admin roles to my family and friends help?

On our first step, we invited all our interested friends to come see our new Facebook Page and possibly follow us if they find it an interest to them. Now, you want to extend the same role to your family and close friends.

They would do the same thing to their friends on Facebook to see if it caches their interests. This cycle of patterned invitations rotate not just only on your friends list but to your siblings and friends.

The more people follows you, the more Facebook suggests your Page to their friends. You can limit your new page roles to your siblings and friends to “Advertiser” or “Editor”. Advertiser is a better option.

Follow here to add Page roles or ID/settings/?tab=admin_roles&ref=page_edit

3. Add Facebook Page on your website or blog as Sidebar or Widget

This is another potential way of telling your customers or website visitors to check your social profile. Most time, Pages displayed on Sidebar seem to convert less as a result of two reasons;

  • Visitors landing type
  • Themes not showing Sidebars to mobile visitors

Visitors landing type

When the visitor’s landing type is from a mobile browser or web browser, there may be an instance when they are not currently logged in to their Facebook account using the same browser.

They may be logged in with Facebook mobile app and can’t remember their password or too lazy to login to Facebook just to follow your Facebook Page.

They might get lazy and close the tab.

Themes not showing Sidebars to mobile visitors

Some themes are not supported to show on mobile views. Our theme on ChuksGuide doesn’t show our Sidebar contents on mobile view. This makes it difficult for a huge number of mobile visitors to get in touch of our Page.

4. Facebook Ads

Is Facebook ads organic? I think it is a paid traffic. Facebook ads might be seen as an oranic traffic from where they were developed. Facebook ad is a targetted paid reach. You pay Facebook for some space to let people (potential) see what your page offers.

Writing a good Page description is an advantages to older people. Target who you want to follow your page as more as possible.

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