How to fix Infinix Zero 4, Note 4, Hot 4 Nougat Battery drain

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

There have been a lot of buzz from Infinix users concerning too much Nougat battery drain on their device especially in Hot 4 Pro, Hot 4, Zero 4, Note 4 and other Infinix phones running Nougat 7.0 update from Infinix.

We have dealt with lots of problems and bugs on Nougat 7.0 which included Fingerprint not working, Hotspot and bluetooth turning off by themselves and Infinix Nougat issues in general.

So when people still complain about their newly updated Nougat 7.0, we thought that it is a tradition as long as Infinix is concerned.

How do I fix the Infinix Nougat battery drain?

Infinix as a team is yet to fix this issue even in their multiple Beta updates. They have done their best to resolving this too much battery drain on their Nougat updates for Hot 4, Zero 4, Note 4 and other Infinix models with this same issue but nothing still happens.

1. Avoid any new Infinix Nougat Beta updates

The best way to fix the Infinix Nougat battery drain by yourself is to avoid any new Infinix Nougat Beta updates. Beta updates are not far from your current Infinix Nougat battery drain.

The more Beta update you keep installing, the more it cause another bug on your phone which in turn will require another update to fix it.

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We are advising anyone to stop receiving updates from Infinx, NO! Beta updates are for testing and not for general use. The only Nougat update to install is Stable updates.

When Infinix says that this update is stable version, it means that every issue in the previous updates have been fixed and the update is ready to be used by everyone without any fear. But in Beta updates, everything is still undergoing a test.

You may try this trick of hard reset after updating your Infinix to any Nougat update. This helps wipe off any trace of addiction of your old update on the new update.

2. Roll back to Marshmallow

This option is only available to Infinix Hot 4 users. They are at advantage of going back to their old and stable Marshmallow 6.0.

Marshmallow for Infinix Hot 4 is a very strong OS that has not received any complaint about malfunctioning.

Instead of being in a mess of Nougat issues like fingerprint, hotspot, bluetooth, Dirac and lots of them, then the best option is to go back to Android 6.0

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How do I go back to Marshmallow, Android 6.0?

It is very technical for a normal user to roll back to a previous Android OS especially when they have no idea about the technicality.

In summary, take your phone to a professional phone software technician and let them flash your Infinix to Marshmallow.

You can still do it by yourself only if;

  • You have your stock firmware
  • You have idea about MTK firmware flashing
  • Your MTK PC drivers are available and working
  • You have MTK flashing tool like SP Flash tool, MTK Droid tool or Miracle box or
  • You already have a backup of your ROM using any of the available custom recovery tools(Philz, CWM or TWRP).

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In a case where you have no idea about the above tools, kindly take your device to a specialized phone software technician and be at peace.


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  1. hi I’m Mario my infinix note 4 is switch off while I was talking to someone and after that I can’t switch it on again, why please

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