iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+: Apple’s undeniable victory in 2015

Last Updated on January 14, 2016

iPhone 6s Plus, the most recent smartphone from Apple, was voted the best mobile in 2015 in terms of performance. That was the conclusion that the AnTuTu reached – an independent study which each year analyses the smartphones currently on the market and creates a top 10 list. In 2015, the iPhone 6s Plus won with 132,620 points, followed by Huawei Mate 8, which scored 92,746. This indicates that the iPhone is a staggering 42% faster than the Huawei’s best model.

To find Samsung (Apple’s biggest rival), you have to travel a little further down the list to fourth position, where you’ll find the Galaxy Note 5, and fifth, where you’ll find the Galaxy S6 + Edge.

This is the first year that AnTuTu includes the iPhone in its rankings, as their study is usually focused on Android devices (as the app that is used to measure the performance was only available on Android… until last year when it became available on iOS). Who knows- maybe the iPhone could have come up tops in the previous rankings.
It’s not always about power

We must clarify that the AnTuTu study is only refers to the performance of these devices, ie, the capabilities of their processors. For this reason when we say “the best”, we only mean on these terms; there are many other variables that make up a good phone, one thing is its performance, but there’s also their available apps, extra functions, and their operating systems and overall design to take into consideration.

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