How To Keep Your Instagram Followers

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Having shared with you easier ways to get more Instagram followers and also how to make money on Instagram, we would now venture into guiding you on how to keep those followers.


We all know that having a lot of Instagram followers is good for those of us who are into different forms of businesses (whether offline or online) so now let’s get down to business.

Give Them an Amazing Visual Experience

Beautiful visual demonstrations for your audience on your Instagram wall play a critical role of creating entertainment and passing information.

Succeeding in business marketing on Instagram requires a number of strategies and practices that will leave your followers amused and excited.

It is important to be cognizant of the fact that treating your esteemed audience to a visual experienced is one of them.

There are hundreds of ways through which you can come up with beautiful visual images in an attempt to amuse your audience and nurture brand loyalty amongst them. However, the only thing that cuts across board is creativity and most importantly originality.

It is important to always be creative when treating your followers to a visual experience on your Instagram page.

Come up with eye-friendly and balanced mixture of colors that would impress people that visit your page.

Always keep in mind that all the amazing images that you use to impress your audience must be relevant to your brand.

In the event that your posting do not match with your brand, you are at a risk of losing your audience.


This is because they will not readily identify your promotional materials with your brand. Therefore, treating your audience to a visual experience can be helpful in meeting your marketing objectives but must be approached carefully in order to evade the risk of confusing or losing your followers.

Hold Offline Events

One impeccable way of building your local community on Instagram is holding an offline event. Make an attempt of breaking the online monotony and hold an actual physical event that allows you to meet your Instagram audience face to face.

Inviting your Instagram followers to a physical event is highly likely to make them feel recognized by your organization and by you as a person.

Additionally, this initiative can make your audience feel like they are part and parcel of your business thereby enhancing their loyalty to your brand. Therefore, you can decide to break the online monotony and treat your Instagram family to a physical event.

Offline events can either be held at your place of business or any other location that will accommodate the varied interests of all the stakeholders.

While such events might not require specific locations, it is important to note that the offline events you decide to hold for your Instagram family must be relevant to your products and services.

What’s more, you must recall and acknowledge that these events act as promotional activities of your brand and hence must always go hand in hand with whatever you are offering at your place of business.

This is yet another instance of killing two birds with a single stone. Inviting your Instagram family to an offline even promotes your business.

In addition to this, treating your audience to an event that is relevant to your brand also markets your business to your audience.

All you need to do is to post a date, time and place of your offline event and invite all your Instagram followers to attend.

While this is an impeccable initiative of creating brand loyalty amongst your Instagram audiences, it is worth noting that this strategy only works for audiences who are close to you.

Such events might be very helpful to your audience in terms of monetary value. For this reason, only the followers who will be in a position to come to your event with limited expenses will make it to your function.

Unfortunately, those followers who will be required to undergo a considerable expense in order to attend such events might not make it to the events.

Therefore, these strategies only works for loyalists who are close to you or your business for that matter.

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