Make Animated Movies from Emoticons on Android

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Earlier I wrote how one can create animated emoticons with Ommy app for Android. The emoticons or what we call emoji can be used in other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram,…


So, today I would extend the creativity to creating animated videos using Ommy app and other media tools for Android. Some of these tools are either in free or paid versions but you can create your animated video with ease for free from my links below.

What will you create after this guide?

You can create a full length animated comic movie, cartoons, short video clips, a talking emoticons with these tools. It all depends on how smart you plan to play.

What I expect you to do before reading further.

Think and come up with an idea. It could be a funny recording, that of talking tom, comedy skit or something similar. With this, you can have a direction while reading this post.


  • Instagram
  • Ommy app
  • VivaVideo
  • Screen recorder – AZ Screen recorder (Optional for advance use)
  • Power Director from CyberLink (Optional for advance use).

Steps to create animated movies / videos on Android

Lets assume that you have installed all these apps. The ones labelled “optional for advance use” are useful when you want to create an engaging movies. Screen recorder records animated or talking emoticons up to any desired length and Power Director creates multiple frames for your images and clips.

You can still create something great using Instagram, Ommy and VivaVideo. If you have any animated emoticons, GIF or cartoon images, Ommy and Instagram become optional. You just need VivaVideo. The download links are below the post.

Here are the steps>>

1. Ommy and Instagram

animated ommy emoticon
Love emoticons /ChuksGuide

  1. Open Ommy app…Read about Ommy 
  2. Use the camera to take a selfie. (Here, you are creating your movie as you. You can use someone else selfie depending on your character set)
  3. Then choose from lists of simulated emoticons (Emoji, Funny, Love, Realistic, Cartoon,…)
  4. Select one emoticon to share.
  5. Now, choose Instagram to share.
  6. Open Gallery to locate Instagram folder.
  7. You should see your created emoticon there
2. ViVaVideo
It is time to add audio to our animated emoticon using VivaVideo. What you do now is to record a short funny voice at most 3 seconds with your phone voice recorder.
  1. Open VivaVideo
  2. Tap “Edit”
  3. Locate your Instagram folder and select the emoticon you just created
  4. Now tap “ADD” then “Done”
  5. Tap “Music”
  6. Tap “My Library”
  7. Select the voice you just recorded. You can trim the length before adding.
  8. Tap “Add”
  9. Then, tap Share
  10. Choose “Export to Gallery”
  11. Choose video quality. Normal (480P) is nice. Wait until export is completed.
You have just created a basic animated video clips from Ommy app. You may not be satisfied by this post as a result of the short timing of the emoticon. To extend the timing, we use Screen recording tool.
Download links
To create advance, engaging and complete animated movie, you should check our next post.
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