How to make money from Facebook Groups

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

In this guide, we have shared two different methods to make money from Facebook groups.

These methods doesn’t guarantee a fast money making scheme that will make you rich overnight. It takes time and relentlessness.

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These psychology work for businesses, experts. If you just need to make money as a regular person from your Facebook group, then continue reading.

Make money facebook groups

The first thing to consider is what will work for you. Do you need to buy Facebook groups from sellers, do you need to start posting referral links on hundreds of groups you are already in or do you need to start from scratch to create new group?

A very quick advice is never you buy groups from anybody. There are lots of groups that claim to have active members worth more than 200,000 members. It is a great number to get you wowed.

Huge members is not a sign of potential members. Lots of engagements is great but it doesn’t necessarily measure the potential worth that will make money for you.

There is an emotional hack that brings group members to engage on your posts. The most popular of them are “Type Amen to a picture and controversial votes using the reaction buttons to vote who’s better than the other especially in sports.”

We will start by listing different approaches to make money on Facebook groups.

  1. Creating a viral group to have fun
  2. Creating a super niche group.

1. Creating a viral group to have fun

This approach works exactly like those viral groups with lots of engagements, more posts per day from members.

Your motive of this group is to entertain. You may not need to post everyday as long as you have admin and members to share entertaining posts.

Basically, there’s no specific topics in this type of group. It could be anything that goes viral from all manners of entertainments, politics, sports, hidden camera, life hacks and lots of them.

Your admin should be able to moderate what goes in to your group. You could mark out Thursdays as TBT, Fridays as TGIF to make your group lively.

Throw in-house group live video events for people who can sing, comedy, a live chat. Admin should control who takes up the show at different dates. It may be once in a week in order to make people anticipate for it.

How do I monetize my viral Facebook group?

Here’s the thing. You don’t have to sell any physical products to your members. You can monetize your group as a blogger or an affiliate marketing.

Since your group is a general, viral and entertainment group; you can share your viral blog posts as part of what goes into the group.

You could use titles that will make people to always click on your links.

Don’t post links on groups that you are not admin. Also be careful with the number of links you share on your group.

Lets assume that you have an entertainment blog. Then you also have a way of earning revenue from your blog visitors. It could be through AdSense, affiliate marketing, referrals or cpa marketing.

When your group members click on the link to your blog posts, you earn few dollars depending on the worth of what ad is placed on your blog post.

You can get a free blog from Google platform called Blogger. If you don’t know what to write on your blog, you can use Article Spinner to randomize blog posts on other websites.

If you don’t like being a blogger, you can sign up for referral programs or affiliate marketing. We won’t cover them in this post.


A lot of people may not going to click on your links. But it doesn’t mean you should quit building your group.

Test the type of blog posts, referral or affiliate links people click more. Then share more of them on your group.

A maximum link share is optimal at 3 links per day. Don’t mess your group with links.

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