How to make money from Facebook Groups

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Creating a super niche group

Building a community around a specific niche is blockbuster. Unlike targeting a lot of people that you cannot control, niche groups solve the complexity of having a widespread audience.

A niche group could be

  1. Sports
  2. Movies
  3. Games
  4. Passion
  5. Local place

Sports is a broad niche. There’s soccer, football, tennis, NBA, Auto, Rugby etc.
As a lover of NBA and an addicted fan of LA Lakers, you can build a community of LA Lakers fans.

It is more targeted than entire Sports. Not everyone that likes football knows about basketball.

If you love football, you could as well build communities around Chelsea FC, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich. These football clubs have lots of passionate fans.

If you love movies, Black Panther was a massive hit but a progressive strategy is building your community around TV series.

TV series and seasonal movies don’t easily fade. You could build your community on movie productions like Marvels.

Share topics on different episodes, the plots, popular and interesting lines from actors. Engage your community to share their feelings about the episodes and what is expected in the next episodes.

How do I make money from these niche Facebook groups?

Let’s say you have Chicago Bulls, Manchester United FC, Lakers or Loyal Fans the Empire movie.

You can create a Tee shirt mock-up from print on demand companies like Teechip, Teespring, sell project materials online and lots of them.

What you do is to find a good lines of text from your team or favorite movie and print it on either the Tee shirt, hoodies or cap.

Let your community show love to their favorite team by buying these tees or anything you could come up with.

You have to be professional in the design and the message your write up conveys. If you’re not a graphic designer, few bucks can get you a professional one. $5 to $10 can get you a good design.

Where do I get professional graphic works for my T shirts, hoodies, mug , bag or cap?

Fiverr is a good place to get started. From $5 depending on who will do the work for you. Outsource for many other designers until you’re comfortable with who to work with.

Upwork is another good platform too. You can check your friends or their friends of friends who are professional.

Where and how do I go about designing T shirts?

Here’s list of print on demand companies


The benefit of this is that you don’t have to spend anything apart from the $5 on the design. Create multiples of them for men and women.

If you have a group for singles, beard gang or Xbox 360, promote your ideas to your members.

We are not going to tell you verbatim of what you needed to do. Not everyone on beard gang group has beard.

You can promote a beard growth products to them as an affiliate and make your money on Facebook groups.

But it doesn’t just work like that. You may see no sales on your first week but it is worth the wait.

Good things don’t really come too fast. If you’re passionate about your community, they will come one day.

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