How to make Money on Instagram in 2017

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

There are a lot of information on the Internet to making money online. Some of these are quick way to make money while others require one for premium or Free access to these information in form of masterclass or webinar.

These could either be make money on Instagram, make money on Facebook or YouTube.

How to make Money on Instagram

Before one starts, one must at least improve on one’s Instagram social follow. We have written an article to help one get more Instagram followers.

The importance of Instagram followers is to increase the impressions on your Instagram account whenever a new follower visits your profile.

A higher following increases the chance of people showing interest in what you promote.

In this article, we have outlined practices to help one make money on Instagram. We don’t have to guarantee you that this must work 100% for you.

Everything works depending on how smart you leverage on these practices. It is no quick make money online scheme.

What you need to make money on Instagram

  1. Organic niche Instagram account
  2. Affiliate program related to your field.
  3. Create and sell your own physical product.
  4. Dropshipping
  5. Create and sell digital products.
  6. Sell your photography.
  7. Through Sponsored post for companies that want to reach your audience.

Organic niche Instagram account

It doesn’t matter how big your Instagram followers are. Instagram is so powerful that you can generate reasonable income with a very small following by doing the right trick.

Making money on Instagram depends on the niche that you are in. Even if you have a smaller Instagram following, you can still make money as long as they are engaged.

You should probably stay away from the people that encourage you to buy followers especially when they are not targeted to your niche.

If your followers are fake, nobody will engage on your content. Instead they will eventually drop off and you will have to start over. Is it not better to take time to build your Instagram following the right way?

Affiliate program related to your field.

You can join affiliate programs like LeadFriend, JVZoo, Clickbank, Pay Per Action or Amazon Affiliate program. Affiliate programs allow one to get commissions on sales of services or products. These commissions come depending on the publisher or seller of the products.

Some varies from 5% – 50% depending on what product one sells. Other affiliate offers come in form of collecting leads or taking surveys by users.

This category of either collecting leads or taking survey is mostly liken to Pay per action (PPA).

To make money from these, you need to sign up and await confirmation. Some of these we recommend are

  1. Warriorplus
  2. JVZOO
  3. LeadFriend
  4. Clickbank
  5. Peerfly
  6. Affrevenue
  7. Ogads

When your sign up is approved by any of your selected affiliate program, write content about what you offer on almost all your Instagram post. Include the offer link on your Instagram bio url so that your followers can check them out.

Read more about these program on their websites.

Create and sell your own physical product.

If you are running an Instagram account for a local business, then you sell what you produce to people around you.

You should be careful when targeting followers. Make sure that they are in the same location as you are.

Even if you have no product, you can promote either your friend’s or family member. Take commissions on any sales you make.

Consider shipping rates on your markups so that you don’t break-even.


Dropshipping offers anybody the privilege to sell other people’s products at the comfort of their homes. It is a form of ecommerce acquisition.

Dropshipping works in this way. You create an ecommerce mini store using Shopify or Woocommerce, you now add few popular/trending products from Aliexpress on your dropship store.

Then you finally start promoting these products on your Instagram account without the intention of shipping these physical products to the buyers.

When someone buys your listed product on your dropship store, you will receive the money into your payment system. You now login to Aliexpress and purchase the product someone bought on your store.

What you do here is that you purchase those products with the details your customer left you on your own store. these items will be shipped to them wherever they are.

You don’t need to worry about shipping and handling. Your only job is to bring customers to your shop and make your money. Your profit is depending on your markup.

If Aliexpress sells $5 for a T- Shirt, you might sell it at $15. Your gain becomes $10 per single customer without doing anything.

Create and sell digital products.

If you know how to write, solve someone’s problem through stories and articles that touch emotions, you can sell it to them as an ebook. $10 is not a bad idea for an ebook. It doesn’t need to be 100 pages to be called a book.

Inspirational and motivational writers make lots of money doing this. You can start by offering a free ebook so that your followers will feel the taste of the stuff you give.

If a free yet problem solving ebook can really have a change in someones life, they will go extra mile to grab your premium package.

Sell your photography/art.

You draw portraits of celebrities for FREE? Make money doing it for some people. The best way to grow your artistic work is by drawing celebrities, making sure that you send them the package as direct message or tag.

Let them know how much you value what they do. Beg them to let their fans know about your kind gestures and possibly tag or mention you on the post(portrait).

If you are professional in taking photographs, learn to sell them or find event organizers to consider you. To make money on Instagram also work like that too.

Through Sponsored post as an Instagram Influencer.

Create a Sponsored post for companies that want to reach your audience. Now an influencer is exactly that.

Someone who has a large following, answers questions, shares advice and helps people, so they have an influence.

Many brands can take years to get there or not get there at all so they need the service of an influencer.

If you have up to 500 to 100,000K or more active and engaging followers then you could reach out to brands and companies that might be interested in what you do. Most times, they come looking for you.

So be selective about the brands you choose to work with. They will be selective about you as well.

What To Charge Being an influencer involves creating content – a posting or a video and also giving permission to the brand to reprint said content on the brands website.

These are usually very flexible and involve either a single post or entire campaign, in exchange for payment, a freebie, a gift, publicity, etc.

And remember you are not just offering content , but also access to your followers. The average rate for advertising can be between $200 – $400.

How To Find Brands To Work With

Now the larger you are the more they will want to work with you so they will be finding you.

However you can also find brands that have a similar voice or vision to yours so that your followers don’t fell that you are “coping out” and just giving you money.

Your can try to reach them directly or list your self on one of the Instagram networks.

Your can use the Shoutcart network to buy and sell shoutouts to let others know that you are out there.

Good to use if you have a small network. You can buy shoutouts for as low as $2 across many varied categories.

Fohr Card— Connect Your Instagram, blog and social profiles to a network or “card” that displays your social media profile and audience levels to businesses that are shopping around for a partner.

Grapevine – If you have 5000+ followers you can list yourself in the Grapevine Network that also works with YouTube and Twitter followers.

CrowdTap – Create top quality content. Get gift cards, samples of products and more. • IndaHash – Download the App through the Google Play store. Put up your profile to have people finding you.

Let your audience know when content is sponsored. Use $brandname to let your customer know it is sponsored.

Hard work is not a one night stand, it involves actions, patience and focus. We hope you find this useful in your pursuit to make money on Instagram.

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