Make money with right people on Facebook

Make money with right people on Facebook

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

What do you love about Facebook?

Do you love being on Facebook because you want to collect phone numbers like you do register phone numbers? Or do you love Facebook because you always want to upload and share your sexy photos to getting hundreds of likes and comments? Make sure that you connect with right people on Facebook

Alright! Facebook recently celebrated 2 billion users on its platform. Out of those 2 billion users, they have made multiple folds in billions since Facebook started.

These figures are also part of all your engagement on Facebook. You help them make money. It is time to make your own money. It doesn’t matter how little it becomes.

Irrespective of what country you live in, lets say 15% of it uses Facebook weekly. Do you know that you can connect with real, right people on Facebook and make money from it. Disagree?

Facebook advertisers spend lots of money trying to get the right people to connect to their online stores. But you can save money and still find the right people to patronize you.

Though, not everybody offers something to make money from it. People that make money on Facebook are those that develop something – It could be tailors, painters, artist, barbers and stylists…

They are not people that paste unnecessary survey links on their timeline or like and vote my photo kind of people.

How do I connect with right people on Facebook?

People love seeing other people that either do or like what they like. These are two different things. Lets say that I love arts and painted works. I have loved seeing myself drawn in a portrait.

That is what I like. I would love to add people that paint either through their works probably shared by their friends on Facebook. This is called interest.

How do I find people that would love what I do? First, I have to work on my Facebook profile. Most people’s profile suck! I would start with my own profile photo and cover photo.

How do I customize my Facebook profile?

Assume that I bake cakes. I would first create a stunning photo cover. The cover might contain a background image, top heading text about yummy cake, a cake which is not possibly downloaded from Google image (You could get one from stock image websites – Pixabay, Pexels) and few other things.

Then, I have to change my profile picture – holding a cake. I also edit my quick intro (Usually telling about what I do in brief) which is beneath your Facebook name. Another one is adding my best featured photos of cakes. They can be from my customer’s events.

Make money on Facebook with Intro
This intro shows the profile specialty. / ChuksGuide

Finally, I will change my post privacy audience to Public. By doing this, all my recent posts will be visible to anybody on Facebook whenever someone shares my posts.

Also make sure to update my current location, business phone number or email, store if available.

Whenever someone visits my profile, there will be a sense of credibility and somewhat commitment that I’m really who they think I am. You will immediately start getting cheap and rightful interests that advertisers spend lots of money finding.

Have you imagined the power of adding what you do as profile picture? Let me tell you one of my experiences on Facebook. I updated my profile picture to one of my photos where I wore a special uniform.

From that day, I started receiving more than 20 friend request daily. These people are part the community wearing that uniform. In less than 1 month, my friend list went to 1000+ with real, same interest people.

How do I make money on Facebook from these people?

  1. Talk to few reasonable friends on Facebook about tagging them in a post and sharing your posts.
  2. Take hot snapshots of what you offer – clothing, sewing, cakes, paintings,…
  3. Post what you got from number 2 above with awesome captions. If possible, create slides, including your phone numbers
  4. Tag those friends you talked to in number 1 above
  5. Then relax and watch your engagements – likes, comments and shares

Does that make sense to you? Of course Yes! Here are some few good tips

  1. Post at most 2 times per week in order not to flood your friends with photos
  2. Don’t create aggressive impressions to buy what you offer, be tactical and funny but let maintain the impression to entice them
  3. You can start by saying “Tag someone you know that will love this custom dress and stand a chance to get yours for FREE”
  4. Don’t post between 10am – 3pm except Saturday and Sunday
  5. Remember, it is not get quick money, you have got patience.

We thought you might know about these tricks!

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