MTN Data Plans for January 2017

Last Updated on January 13, 2017

2016 was really a special year on the side of MTN data plans. One of its significance was its flat rate data bundles for its users. Instead of getting 1GB at N3,000, now you get up to 1.5GB for just N1,000. Some active Pulse users were able to get up to 3GB for just N1,000 which was valid for 30 days in a 6-months subsequent subscription.

From its normal view, there is no additional shift to MTN data plans alongside its data bundles. Everything still remains almost exactly how they were in 2016 despite reccession. For benefit of reoccurring subscription, i have summarized those plans below. Just take a comfortable look at them.

MTN Data Plans for January 2017.

These plans are suitable for Android, PC, Modems, Iphone, Windows except Blackberry.

MTN Daily Plan

This daily plan comes in two options. It has the option to choose either of the data volume at different costs. Their validity is still 24 hours.

30MB for N100 (dial *131*104#)
100MB for N200 (dial *131*113#)

When you subscribe for any of these daily plans from 10am today, it expires next day by 10am. It is not a plan of 00:00 expiration.

To subscribe for MTN daily plans, dial *123*3*1*1# and choose either of the options. To check for data balance, dial *131*4#

MTN Weekly Plan

Weekly plans offers users a 750MB data bundle for N500. This plan starts from day 1 to the same time on the 7th day. For MTN Pulse subscribers, instead of getting 750MB, you get 1GB at N500 for 7 days.

To subscribe for weekly plan, dial *131*103# or *123*3*1*2*1#. For data balance, dial *131*4#

Monthly Plan

Not yet satisfied with above data plans?

MTN monthly data plans also comes in four different options.

1.5GB for N1,000 (Dial *131*106 to subscribe )
3.5GB for N2,000  (Dial *131*110 to subscribe )
10GB for N5,000  (Dial *131*116 to subscribe )
22GB for N10,000  (Dial *131*116 to subscribe )

They all still expire at 30 days no matter which option you chose.

 For data balance, dial *131*4#

2 – Months Plan and 3 – Months Plan

These plans are separate plans altogether.

For a 2- Month data plan, it costs N20,000 for 50GB valid for 60 days (2 months). To subscribe for 2 months data plan, dial *131*118#

For a 3- Month data plan, it costs N50,000 for 85GB valid for 90 days (3 months). To subscribe for 2 months data plan, dial *131*133#

MTN Goodybag Social bundles

If you would just need to interest with friends on social media without spending much on the above data plans, you should try these MTN social media plans.

WhatsApp Weekly plan – Costs N25. Send WAW to 131

WhatsApp Weekly plan – Costs N60. Send WAM to 131

Facebook Weekly plan – Costs N25. Send FBW to 131

Facebook Monthly plan – Costs N60. Send FBM to 131

Twitter Weekly plan – Costs N25. Send TWTW to 131

Twitter Monthly plan – Costs N60. Send TWTM to 131

These MTN social data plans have data cap. They are allocated with quantified data volume. You may run out of data when you excessively use it during FB video streaming, FB Live etc.

MTN XtraData

XtraData allows you to add additional value service offered by MTN. Here, you get both airtime bonus and data bonus at just one subscription plan. XtraData comes in multiple options from 300 to 5000.

The value of what XtraData plan you buy will be added to you in your airtime and data box. For examples

With N500; you get N624 for calls and 300MB for 7 days.
With N1,000; you get N1,275 for calls and 750MB valid for 14 days etc.

To subscribe to any XtraData plans, just dial *123*3*2*2, then select any XtraData option. Dial *131*4# or *559*4# to check balance.

Remember, these data plans work in all platform except Blackberry.


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