How to open WEMA Bank Account with USSD on all phones

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Banking just got very easy with WEMA bank Account opening with USSD! You can now perform WEMA bank mobile banking transactions on your phone with your registered mobile number. Opening account with WEMA bank is free (zero account) and easy with your mobile phone.

open WEMA Bank Account with USSD on all phones


How to open Account with WEMA Bank with mobile phone

    1. Dial *945*1#
    1. Provide every requested details like First name, Last name, Gender, Birthday etc
    1. Now after completion you should receive sms notification prior to your new account
  1. Finally, visit any WEMA bank nearest to your location in other to authenticate and complete your new account process.

Your account number will be sent to you via sms in your mobile number to start your mobile transaction with ease.

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How to check your account balance

Just dial *945*0# and provide PIN. chikina! Your balance smiles at you if really something is inside or yells at you once it is going to N0.0.

Other WEMA bank mobile transaction services are:

    • Withdraw money without ATM card(Paycode): Dial *945*8#. Follow the option to generate your withdrawal code. Head to any ATM machine that supports cardless withdrawal to withdraw any amount from N1,000 to N20,000
    • Change your PIN: Dial *945*00#. Provide your current PIN to continue. Note: This is not your ATM/ Debit card PIN
    • Link your BVN to your WEMA account: Dial *945*BVN_NUMBER#. Lets take it this way:
    • Airtime Recharge to others: Dial *945*Phone Number* Amount#

    • Airtime Self-Recharge to own number: *945*Amount#
    • Fund Transfer to any bank: *945*BeneficiaryAccountNumber*Amount#
  • If you are already a WEMA bank account holder,dial *322*035*ACCOUNT_NUMBER*AMOUNT# from your phone number registered with the bank.

That is a great service from WEMA bank!


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  1. dear Admin,
    good day.
    Wema Bank no longer make use of the *322*035 code again.
    kindly stick with the *945# code.
    please make your modification.
    thank you

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