How to fix This Page isn’t eligible to have a username 2018

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

The common new Facebook page challenge,This Page isn’t eligible to have a username comes in two different angles. It is always pertinent for a Facebook page administrator to quickly change their page identity through the username.

But the challenge there is that most times it doesn’t just work like that. The two different angles one can encounter the challenges of “This Page isn’t eligible to have a username” could either be in either of the two ways below;

  1. The username suggestion is unavailable or not appropriate to be used or
  2. The page has a limited followers or number of likes below 30 peoples.

Sometimes one can change their page username even without anyone following them. It is real and it worked for us here.

There is a lot of contributions that adding additional page role as either editor or moderator can help lift the privilege to a successful change of username for page.

In this article, we have discussed the vital things one need to be done in order to fix of This Page isn’t eligible to have a username page challenge

Fixing This Page isn’t eligible to have a username

This Page isn't eligible for username

1. Brand your Facebook page

Branding new page on Facebook is a way of telling Facebook that your page wasn’t created by chance. You tell them that you mean a serious business by creating a page.

Branding includes adding page descriptions, About, phone number, updating profile picture and cover photo. Perform every possible customization to making your page stand out.

2. Don’t apply for change of name at the first day. 48 hours is okay.

This Page isn't eligible for username

You don’t just create a Facebook page and immediately demand for a change of username instantly.

Prove to Facebook that you’re not a bot. Bots are too fast to operate. Leaving your page up to 48 hours after branding it can be a advantage to changing the username.

3. Add your page to a Facebook business account

This Page isn't eligible for username

This is another upperhand privilege to page owners. Pages that are linked to business accounts are almost considered as a business project.

Adding your page as a page creator or agency can add enough credits to changing page username.

4. Invite all your Facebook friends to like your page at once.

Facebook page requires more human which means that they require likes and followers. We have shared some good tips on how to get free followers to like your new page.

Check this link to learn how to invite all your Facebook friends with a single click

5. Run a brand awareness Facebook campaign at $1.

Another quick way to getting more follower is by running a promotion to your page. The objective is to allow people get to like your page.

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