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Why do my Infinix, Tecno display “Enter Privacy Protection Password to unlock”?

The message “Enter your Privacy Protection Password” comes up as result of what you earlier set up in the first place. It is neither a virus nor a problem.

If you could remember when you newly purchase your brand Infinix phone or any other Android smartphone, you were optionally prompted to set a protection PIN or password for your device in case if it gets lost or case of SIM card change.

Enter Privacy Protection Password to unlock

You are getting the Privacy protection message because you changed the SIM in your SIM 1 slot to another sim. You just violated the rule you set in your anti theft program.

How do I remove this “Enter Privacy Protection password” from my Infinix, Tecno, intex aqua power plus, Lenovo A319, Swipe Elite…

Enter Privacy Protection Password to unlock

The easiest solution is to think! You have two options to think

1. The password you used to set up the anti theft or
2. The secondary phone number you set as alias during the anti theft setup.

If you can’t remember any of these options, then you have to go geeky.

Hard resetting your Infinix, Tecno or any other Android MTK phones won’t remove Privacy password.

Some will say “you will have to hard reset the phone and root the phone to reflash the firmware if you try combinations like 0000 or 1234 and that does not unlock your phone. ” It may work for smartphones but not for Infinix and Tecno.

For other Android brands, you can try to sign in first though by selecting Forgot Password and it will take you to a screen asking for your Google Account login details which will allow you to sign in and bypass the privacy guard.

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You either flash your device’s firmware or use some special tool.

Click here to remove Privacy Protection password from your device.

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Updated on April 17, 2018

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