Senior Facebook Executive Arrested in Brazil

Last Updated on March 2, 2016

Facebook Latin America VP, Diego Dzodan, has been arrested in San Paulo, Braazil. Diego had disobeyed a court order to help investigators in a drug case that involves a WhatsApp user. The Federal Police said that WhatsApp had repeatedly failed to comply with court orders relating drug trafficking investigations. However, police have not divulged further information regarding the arrest due to secrecy policies.

WhatsApp made a statement saying that it was disappointed at the arrest. It explained that due to the architecture of its service, it is unable to provide the information required. It said “We cooperated to the full extent of our ability in this case and while we respect job of law enforcement, we strongly disagree with its decision.”

Facebook also issued a statement saying that WhatsApp is an operationally distinct unit and separate from itself. It said the arrest was “extreme and inappropriate.


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