Solutions to Google Play authentication is required error

Last Updated on August 15, 2016

Google Play authentication is required error

One of the commonest problems in Play Store is Google Play authentication is required error. From literal interpretation of it, it has failed to authenticate you as a user to logging into Play Store. Play Store automatically uses Google accounts to sign up Android phone users into its App store. If on the process of signing in, Play Store fails to determine your account then it throws in Google Play authentication is required.

There has been no particular cause for this issue rather sources. It might be as a result of your connection settings, wrong Google account password, network proxy or otherwise. This post discusses only the Play Store connection problems. Below are some helpful solutions that have worked for me till date.

Google Play authentication is required error Solved

Follow the options one after the other. One solution at a time. If the former fails, try the later.

  1. Verify your Google account login detail

    First thing to do is to verify whether your google account password (Gmail password) was recently updated either by you or not. If you recently changed your old password to a recent one, Google would ask you to authenticate your new changes with your Android device. You should see a prompt telling you to authenticate your account.

    Simply follow the link from the prompt or learn to remove your account before re-adding it.

  2. Remove Proxy and Port from Network Settings

    Proxy server and port serves as a middle man between your internet and apps that need it. Play Store does not really allow proxy connections. I have experienced Play Store not connecting or not working on Airtel and MTNN. Clearing the default proxy and port from your network settings served me right.

    Open your Settings > More …> Mobile networks > Access Point Names (APN) > Choose default profile. Clear the fields on both Proxy and Port. Try and see if it works

  3. Clear Google Play Store data and Cache

    When you clear Google Play Store data, it removes every activities you have done on Play Store. It formats all data including app logs, settings, database but it won’t delete apps installed through Play Store. Clearing Cache, you  erase any and all settings that go along with that app. This means, you are starting the app all over again as if it is newly installed.

    Clearing data and cache from Play Store at least will remove any error initiated during your previous usage. Open Settings > App Manager > Downloaded > Google Play Store. If you cannot see Google Play Store from “Downloaded” tab, switch to “ALL” tab

  4. Install or Uninstall Play Store latest updates

    If you have never updated your Play Store since you purchased your device, you should consider installing its latest updates. Sometime, it automatically updates but if it doesn’t click here to get Play Store latest version. When updating Play Store, also update Play Store services.

    If this problem has started recently after your update, kindly uninstall updates. Settings > App Manager > Downloaded > Google Play Store and choose UNINSTALL UPDATES

  5. Clear Google Play Services data and Cache

    Since Play Store cannot work without Play store services, there might be an element of it causing Play Store connection problem. Follow the step earlier on Clearing Play Store. Settings > App Manager > Downloaded > Google Play Services.

  6. Remove Google Account

    It is time to take a deeper step if the above options fail. Removing your Google account delete any details associated with the account, contacts, email, settings etc.

    Follow these steps: Settings > Accounts > Google> Current Account . Tap on your menu button and choose Remove Account. Now, accept the prompt to remove account to continue. After these, go back to Accounts to re-add it. I hope this would solve it.

  7. Factory Reset

    This should absolutely solve this Google Play authentication is requires error. Factory reset formats your device to the same way it was when newly purchased. I never wanted to start telling us to factory reset out device because i wouldn’t want you to lose your account settings, files internal storage, apps and games.

    Following this last option means that you are willing to lose your own data. It is the best bet here.

If you have got any options you would love to share with us, let us know through the comment section below.

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