Sony is developing a smartphone battery could last 40% longer

Last Updated on December 22, 2015

While smartphones have grown in size and power in recent years, similarly huge leaps in battery technology haven’t followed, leaving most smartphones struggling to get through a single day without needing to be plugged in at some point.

However, Sony has announced that it is currently developing an entirely new kind of battery that could have a capacity 40 per cent higher than existing models.

As reported by Japanese publication Nikkei, Sony’s new battery will use a sulfur compound as an electrode material, increasing their energy density by volume from 700Wh/l to 1000Wh/l.

This essentially means that when compared to a traditional battery of the same size, the new battery will be able to last 40 per cent longer.

Fortunately for gadget owners, Sony wants to first bring them to market as smartphone batteries, before branching out to other applications.

Sony is aiming to make the batteries commercially available by 2020, so it might take a few more years until they actually make it into your phone.

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